Clothing exercises. Упражнения по теме ОДЕЖДА

closing lexics

Упражнения по теме clothes помогут вам закрепить лексические единицы по теме одежда. Перед выполнением упражнений рекомендую ознакомиться со списком одежды, обуви и головных уборов по-английски.


Упражнение 1. Read and colour.

упражнения по теме одежда

Bob’s sweater is green.

Molly’s sweater is pink.

Molly’s jacket is yellow.

Bob’s jacket is grey.

Bob’s scarf is green and blue.

Molly’s scarf is blue and white.

Bob’s boots are grey and blue.

Molly’s boots are black and white.

Molly’s trousers are red.

Bob’s trousers are brown.

Упражнение 2. Write a pair of or a with the following words:

Jeans, dress, tights, trousers, skirt, blouse, gloves, coat, trainers, sweater, scarf, socks

A pair of















Упражнение 3. Put the sentences in the correct order.

  • Yes, please. I'd like a blouse.
  • Can I help you?
  • It's £20.
  • What colour?
  • Here you are.
  • How much is it?

Упражнение 4. Cross the odd one out.

  1. Trainers, gloves, shoes, boots
  2. Scarf, gloves, socks, shorts
  3. Jeans, trousers, shorts,sweaters
  4. Jacket, vest, cardigan, pants
  5. Wellingtons, hiking boots, briefs, shoes
  6. Visor, cap, flip flops, hat

Упражнение 5. Circle the correct sentence.

  1. A) These trousers are short. B) This trousers are short.
  2. A) How much is the jeans? B) How much are the jeans?
  3. A) He's wearing a blue hat. B) He's wearing blue hat.
  4. A) I'd like a socks. B) I'd like a pair of socks.
  5. A) Take this shoes, B) Take these shoes.


Упражнение 6. Correct the sentences.

  1. He's got big nose.
  2. She's wearing a red skirt?
  3. He's wearing a sweater red.
  4. I like this boots.
  5. It's the most cheapest dress
  6. Jim wear black trousers.

Упражнение 7. Read and answer the questions.

Hi! My name's Ellie. I‘m from Britain .It isn't cold. I wear a sweatshirt, a jacket and trainers.

Hi! My name's Kathy. I'm from Australia. Right now it's hot and sunny in Australia. I wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Hello! My name's Sasha. I'm from Belarus. It's very cold in winter. It snows! I wear a coat, a scarf and a hat.

Hello! My name's Tim. I'm from Texas, USA. It's warm in winter. I wear jeans and a sweater.

1. Who wears jeans and a sweater in winter?

a) Kathy b) Sasha c) Tim

2. Who wears a jacket in winter?

a) Kathy b) Ellie  c)  Tim

3. What's the weather like in Australia now?

a) hot b) very cold c) not cold

4. What's the weather like in Belarus in winter?

a) warm b) very cold  c) not cold

5. What does Tim wear in winter?

a) shorts b) a sweater c) a scarf

6. What does Sasha wear in winter?

a) shorts b) a jacket c) a coat

Упражнение 8. Read the words in the word snake. Write your own snake.


Упражнение 9. Complete the sentences.

  1. It’s winter. It’s cold and windy, that’s why I’m going to put on ___________.
  2. It's autumn. It's rainy and cloudy. That’s why Kate __________________.
  3. It's summer. It’s warm and sunny. _____________________________ .

Упражнение 10. Answer the questions.

What clothes would you wear:

  • at a party?
  • on the beach?
  • in the evening at home?
  • at school?
  • on a cold day in winter?

Упражнение 11. What clothes and boots  do adjectives in the box describe?

Short, cheap, messy,  everyday, old-fashioned, striped, tidy, expensive, beautiful, dark, checked, pink, black and white, formal, fantastic, boring, long, bright, summer, smart, baggy, tight

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