Daily Routine (Распорядок дня) – упражнения по английскому языку (+ Present Simple)

Предлагаю вам материал по теме РАСПОРЯДОК ДНЯ на английском языке. В статье вы найдете упражнения на лексику по теме «Распорядок дня», тексты по чтению на эту же тему, а также упражнения на повторение Present Simple, ведь именно это время, как правило отрабатывается на уроках, посвященных теме DAILY ROUTINE.

Содержание статьи:

Лексические упражнения по теме РАСПОРЯДОК ДНЯ на английском языке

Exercise 1. Вставьте слова get / go / have / come / iron / watch / buy / do / listen / take / read, так чтобы получились фразы, при помощи которых можно описать свой распорядок дня на английском, переведите получившиеся фразы.

1.       ______________  the laundry

2.       _______________ up

3.       _______________ dinner

4.       _______________ to bed

5.       _______________ TV

6.       _______________ home

7.       _______________ breakfast

8.       _______________ to work

9.       _______________ a book

10.   _______________ to music

11.   _______________ a shower

12.   _______________ shopping

13.   _______________ a newspaper

14.   _______________ the clothes

15.   _______________ dressed

16.   _______________ lunch

Exercise 2. Распределите предложения, описывающие распорядок дня с профессиями людей. Первое предложение уже сделано 😉





  1. I work in a hospital.
  2. I speak with people from different countries.
  3. I speak three languages.
  4. I sell things.                                       
  5. I work in a shop.
  6. I help sick people.
  7. I translate things.
  8. I work in a newspaper office.
  9. I work with doctors.
  10. I look after money.
  11. I write a lot.

Exercise 3. Прочитайте и переведите фразы, описывающие распорядок дня. Заполните данными фразами таблицу.

I do this every day

I often do this

I rarely do this

I never do this






  1. wake up
  2. get up
  3. leave school
  4. have lunch
  5. make the bed
  6. have dinner
  7. read an interesting book
  8. read a comic
  9. sleep well all night
  10. work hard
  11. listen to music
  12. do (my) homework
  13. read a magazine
  14. go shopping
  15. do the morning exercises
  16. watch TV
  17. have a shower
  18. wash (my) face
  19. brush (my) teeth
  20. get dressed
  21. have breakfast
  22. go to school
  23. come home
  24. play with (my) brother
  25. read a newspaper

Exercise 4. Поставьте фразы из первой колонки предыдущего упражнения в хронологическом порядке, то есть в порядке того, как вы делаете это в течение дня. Начните с wake up!

Грамматические упражнения по теме Daily Routine + Present Simple

Exercise 1. Раскройте скобки, используя Present Simple.

Roberto (1) __________ (start) his day at 8.00.  He (2) __________ (have) breakfast in the kitchen with all the family.  Roberto (3) __________ (like) orange juice, toast and milk.  He always (4) __________ (have) an apple. After breakfast Roberto (5) __________ (make) his bed and (6) __________ (tidy) up his bedroom.  He (7) __________ (get) ready for lessons.  He mustn’t be late, as mother (8) __________ (be) very strict.

At 9.00 the Hanson kids (9) __________ (start) their lessons.  At midday they (10) __________ (have) lunch.  Then it’s sport time: they (11) __________ (love) playing basketball, in-line staking and skate-boarding. 

Roberto and his brothers (12) __________ (not/have) dinner with their parents as their father is always late.  Their mother (13) __________ (not/like) it very much.  So, at weekends they (14) __________ (be) always together.

Exercise 2. Раскройте скобки, используя Present Simple.

Mary (1) __________ (wake) up at 7.00.  Then she (2) __________ (get) up at 7.30 and she (3)  __________ (go) to the bathroom.  She (4) __________ (have) a shower, (5) __________ (brush) her teeth and (6) __________ (comb) her hair.  Afterwards she (7) __________ (have) breakfast.  Ten minutes later she (8) __________ (take) her bag, (9) __________ (kiss) her mother and (10)  __________ (catch) a bus to school with her friend Diana.  They (11) __________ (start) school at 9.00.  They (12) __________ (not/have) lunch at the school canteen.  At three o’clock they (13) __________ (return) home.

In the afternoon, she (14) __________ (study) her lessons and (15) __________ (ride) her bicycle.  In the evening she (16) __________ (help) her mother prepare the dinner.  After dinner she (17) __________ (watch) TV, her mother (18)  __________ (read) a magazine and her father (19) __________ (go) to bed earlier since he (20) __________ (be) always the first in the family to get up.

Больше упражнений на Present Simple можно найти в этой статье

READING COMPREHENSION по теме Распорядок дня (Daily Routine)

Exercise 1. Read the text twice.

Greg’s Daily Routine

   Greg is an American boy. He lives in Arlington, Texas. He lives with his family in a modern house. He is eleven years old and he has got an older brother, Alex, and a younger sister, Emma.

   He starts his day at about half past six. He gets up, goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, brushes his teeth and get dressed. Then he has breakfast and at a quarter to seven he leaves home and catches the bus to school.

Classes begin at half past seven. He usually has lunch at the school canteen at half past twelve. After school, at a quarter past five, he goes home. There he does his school homework and when he finishes it he helps his Mum laying the table. At half past seven the family dines together.

   Greg is a very helpful boy, so he helps his mother cleaning up everything after dinner.

   He usually watches TV for a while after dinner and at about ten o’clock the most he brushes his teeth again, puts on his Spider Man pajamas and goes to bed. His parents always kiss him good night before he gets asleep. Greg is a very happy boy!

Exercise 2. True or False.

  1. Greg is an American boy.
  2. Greg lives in a modern flat.
  3. Greg is eleven years old.
  4. Greg has got two brothers.
  5. Greg wakes up at eight o’clock.
  6. Greg walks to school.
  7. Greg classes begin at half past eight.
  8. Greg and his family have dinner at half past seven.

Exercise 3. Match the antonyms

















Exercise 4. Answer the questions

  1. Where does Greg live?
  2. What’s his sister’s name?
  3. What time does he wake up?
  4. Does he have breakfast at home?
  5. What time does he leave home?
  6. Where does he have lunch?
  7. When does he return home?
  8. Does he do his homework at school or at home?
  9. Is he a helpful boy?

Exercise 5. What about you? What’s your daily routine like?

Подготовка к устному высказыванию на английском по теме MY DAILY ROUTINE

Упражнение 1. Используя следующие карточки, расскажите о распорядке дня Джейми, Мелани, Анны, Джессики и Паула.

1 Расскажите о распорядке дня Джейми.

2 Расскажите о распорядке дня Мелани.

3 Расскажите о распорядке дня Анны

4 Расскажите о распорядке дня Джессики.5 Расскажите о распорядке дня Паула.

Упражнение 2. Ответьте на вопросы

  1. What time do you get up?
  2. Where do you have breakfast?
  3. What do you have for breakfast?
  4. Do you go to school in the morning or in the afternoon?
  5. What time do you have lunch?
  6. What do you do in the afternoon?
  7. When do you do your homework?
  8. Do you have a shower before going to bed?
  9. Do you watch TV at night?
  10. What is your favorite TV programme?
  11. What time do you go to bed?

Упражнение 3. Используя карточку, расскажите о своем распорядке дня на английском.

Ответы к упражнениям по теме Распорядок дня на английском.


Упражнение 1.

Do the laundry

Get up

Have dinner

Go to bed

Watch TV

Come home

Have breakfast

Go/ come to work

Read a book

Listen to music

Take a shower

Do / go shopping

Read a newspaper

Iron the clothes

Get dressed

Have lunch




Идти спать

Смотреть телевизор

Возвращаться домой


Идти / приходить на работу

Читать книгу

Слушай музыку

Принимать душ

Ходить по магазинам

Читать газету

Гладить одежду



Упражнение 2.

NURSE: 1, 6, 9,




Упражнение 3 и Упражнение 4 – ваши собственные ответы


Упражнение 1

1 starts, 2 has, 3 likes, 4 has, 5 makes, 6 tidies, 7 gets, 8 is, 9 start, 10 have, 11 love, 12 don’t have, 13 doesn’t like, 14 are  

Упражнение 2

1 wakes, 2 gets, 3 goes, 4 takes, 5 brushes, 6 combs, 7 has, 8 takes, 9 kisses, 10 catches, 11 start, 12 don’t, 13 return, 14 studies, 15 rides, 16 helps, 17 watches, 18 reads, 19 goes, 20 is


Упражнение 2

1 True, 2 False, 3 True, 4 False, 5 False, 6 False, 7 False, 8 True

Упражнение 3

Modern — old-fashioned

Older — younger

Starts — finishes

Leaves — enters

Begin — end

Together — alone

Helpful — unhelpful

Happy — unhappy

Упражнение 4

1)  He lives in Arlington, Texas. // He lives in a modern house.

2) His sister’s name is Emma.

3) He wakes up at about half past six.

4) Yes, he does. He has breakfast at home.

5) He leaves home at a quarter to seven.

6) He usually has lunch at the school canteen

7) He returns home at a quarter past five

8) He does his homework at home.

9) Yes, he is.

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