Диалоги о Лондоне на английском. Dialogues about London

Предлагаем вам несколько диалогов по теме «Лондон» и «Достопримечательности Лондона».

Список диалогов:

Диалог #1. Поездка в Лондон.

Paul: Hello, David. What are you reading?

David: It’s “Touring Guide to Britain”.

Paul: To Britain? Great! When are you going there?

David: My parents and I are going to London in July.

Paul: You are lucky! It’s my dream to visit London one day. Will you take pictures?

David: No, I’m going to make a film. It will be my first experience.

Paul: Don’t worry! Everything will be OK. Last summer I filmed our trip to Moscow. I can show and explain how to make it better.

David: OK. You are real friend.

Диалог #2. A day in London.

Kate: The day is fantastic today, isn’t it?

Eva: Oh, yes, it isn’t raining at last. But don’t forget to take an umbrella. We are in London.

Kate: OK. I remember the weather is changeable in England.

Eva: By the way where would you like to go first today?

Kate: Yesterday we planned to go to the Tower.

Eva: OK. How can we get there?

Kate: It’s not far away from here. We can get there by metro or just walk.

Eva: Let’s get there by metro. Today we’ll have to visit some other sights.

Kate: OK.


Диалог #3. Trafalgar Square.

Jenny: I think Trafalgar Square is the most beautiful place in London.

Clare: It’s only your second day here. You haven’t seen a lot.

Jenny: These two fountains decorate Trafalgar Square very well, don’t they?

Clare: Yes, you are right. As for me I like everything that we’ve seen in London. I’ve fallen in love with London.

Jenny: So have I. It’s a fantastic city. By the way, today we’ll be able to go to the National Gallery. Let’s go and buy tickets.

Clare: Tickets? No, it’s free. OK. Let’s go. I’ve rested and can go on sightseeing.

Диалог #4. Достопримечательности Лондона.

Gregory:  The Houses of Parliament... I can’t believe my eyes. I am standing beside it.

Sam: Yes, you are right. It seems to me it’s a wonderful dream.

Gregory:  Today I want to visit Trafalgar Square. Is it far from here?

Sam: Just a moment. I’ll have a look at the map. I think it will take us 10 or 15 minutes to walk there.

Gregory:  Let me see. Yes, I’ll walk there along Whitehall street.

Sam: To tell you the truth, I’m hungry. I wouldn’t mind having a snack.

Gregory:  OK. I think on the way to Trafalgar Square we’ll see a cafe´ and have a snack there.

Sam: Right. With great pleasure.

Диалог #5. Where is St. Paul’s Cathedral?

Ben: Excuse me. I’m looking for St. Paul’s Cathedral. Can you tell me where it is, please?

Passer by: Oh, it’s very easy. Go along this street, take the second turning on the left.

Ben: OK. The second turning on the left.

Passer by: Yes, you’re right. When you turn you’ll see St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Ben: Is it far away from here? My friends are waiting for me there.

Passer by: No, it will take you 10 minutes to get there.

Ben: Thanks a lot.

Passer by: Not at all. Don’t worry. You won’t miss it.

Диалог #6. London galleries.

Tim: By the way, are you interested in painting?

Peter: Of course, I am. I liked our visit to the National Gallery yesterday.

Tim: What do you think about going to the Tate Gallery.

Peter: The Tate Gallery? To tell you the truth. I wanted to go to the London Eye. But if you want, of course, I’ll join you.

Tim: Thank you very much. You always understand me. It’s my dream to see a collection of British Art.

Peter: OK. How can we get there?

Tim: It isn’t far away from here. We’ll get to the Houses of Parliament and walk along the embankment.

Peter: OK. I like walking near the River Thames.

Диалог #7. Can you tell me the way to Downing Street.

Denis: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to Downing Street.

Passer by: Yes, I can. Go down this street. It’s Whitehall street about five minutes’ walk. You can’t miss it.

Denis: № 10 Downing Street is the Official residence of British Prime Minister, isn’t it?

Passer by: Yes, right. It’s guarded outside by a policeman. There is always a crowd of tourists.

Denis: Can we come in?

Passer by: No, I’m afraid you can’t.

Denis: Thank you very much.

Passer by: You are welcome. Have a nice day.

Диалог #8. Lost in London.

Julia: Excuse me.

Passer by: What can I do for you?

Julia: It seems to me. I’m lost. I don’t know how to get to my hotel.

Passer by: Don’t worry. Where is you hotel situated? Do you remember the name of the street?

Julia: I’ve it written down. Queensberry Street.

Passer by: OK. Now you are near Hyde Park Corner. You’ll walk along Knightbridge and then Brompton street, on the right you’ll see the Victoria and Albert Museum, then you’ll pass the Natural History Museum...

Julia: Oh, yes, our hotel isn’t far away from this museum. Thank you very much. I’ll find it.

Passer by: Not at all. You are welcome. Have a nice day.

Диалог #9. London parks.

Bill: Where are we going?

Celina: To St. James’s Park. We’ll walk there, then we’ll see a Ceremony of Trooping the Colour.

Bill: Great! Where will it be held?

Celina: Near Buckingham Palace. Then we’ll walk in Green Park.

Bill: I can see. We can walk from one park to another the whole day.

Celina: I want to show you Hide Park Corner.

Bill: Oh, I’ve read about it. As far as remember, everybody can make a speech there.

Celina: Yes, you are right. Only you can’t speak about the King and Queen.

Bill: Can we go to the famous London Zoo.

Celina: Of course, we can. It’s in Regent’s Park.

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