Грамматический тест по английскому языку для 11 класса

grammar test

Сегодня предлагаю Вам грамматический тест для учеников 11 класса. Тест охватывает практически все аспекты грамматики английского языка. Данный тест по грамматике можно использовать как для проверки знаний, так и для повторения грамматических правил в 11 классе.

На сайте grammar-tei.com есть также много полезный онлайн-тестов по английскому языку.

 Наш тест по грамматике для 11 класса состоит из 50 вопросов. В основу теста легли задания из пособия для подготовке к олимпиадам по английскому языку. Составитель пособия – И. Т. Каскевич. В конце грамматического теста Вы найдете ответы. Все вопросы задавайте в комментариях.

 USE OF GRAMMAR for the 11th form.

Итак, поехали …

Choose the right variant.

1. I don’t remember ... that I’m sure you’re mistaken.

a) to say;  b) say;  c) saying;  d) to have said.

2. There were two answers, and ... was right.

a) neither; b) no one; c) no; d) not any.

3. This dress is ... as the one I had before.

a) plenty the same; b) very similar; c) very same; d) much the same.

4. He ... here from 1955 to 1960.

a) worked; b) works; c) has been working; d) has worked.

5. He’s... his sister.

a) much taller that; b) much more taller than; c) much taller than; d) more taller than.

6. Be careful you don’t... your keys!

a) lost; b) loosen; c) lose; d) loose.

7. What they say may be true; you never can...

a) say; b) tell; c) remember; d) recognise.

8. He didn’t move, but just... where he fell.

a) lain; b) lay; c) laid; d) lied.

9. I haven’t had a reply to the invitation I sent you last week. ... to my patty?

a) Shall you come; b) Are you coming; c) Do you come; d) Should you come,

10. That man reminds me ... my history teacher.

a) from; b) of; c) about; d) on.


11. The children hadn’t met ... their grandparents or their uncle before.

a) or, b) neither; c) nor, d) either.

12. Before she started university, Jane ... in the States for six months working as a nanny.

a) lives; b) has been living; c) has lived; d) had lived.

13. He was ... tired to go on.

a) to; b) enough; c) so; d) too.

14. I ... saw Michael two years ago.

a) lastly; b) last time; c) last; d) the last time.

15. I like the red dress and the pink shoes. The trouble is that they don’t ...very well.

a) match not each other; b) match themselves; c) go with each other; d) go on with the other.

16. He’s as polite as his brother is ...polite. (подобрать префикс)

a) im; b) non; c) dis; d) un.

17. It’s been quite a long time ... I had a holiday abroad,

a) ago; b) since; c) for; d) when.

18. You ... pay for this information. It’s free.

a) oughtn’t to; b) don’t have to; c) shouldn’t to; d) mustn’t.

19. ... quite a lot of rain forecast for today.

a) It has; b) Is; c) It’s; d) There’s.

20. I’m free this evening. ... we go out to dinner?

a) Will; b) Would; c) Shall; d) Won’t.


21. I need a holiday, ... I?

a) need nоt; b) aren’t; c) don’t; d) need.

22. Most of the cattle ... under the trees.

a) is laying; b) is lying; c) are lying; d) are laying.

23. Children seem to find computers easy, but many adults aren’t used to ... with microtechnology.

a) work; b) working; c) a work; d) the work.

24. Parents were made ... the school reconstruction,

a) finance; b) to financing; c) to finance; d) financing.

25. The children have made lots of new friends since we ... to this town.

a) have moved; b) moving; c) moved; d) have been moved.

26. I don’t understand this sentence. Could you tell me what …?

a) this word means; b) means this word; c) does mean this word; d) does this word mean.

27. ... of the three boys got a prize,

a) A few; b) Both; c) Each; d) Every.

28. The agency intended to let each applicant... in the interview.

a) participate; b) to participate; c) so as to participate; d) participating.

29. All the children in this family are gifted, but this one is … gifted of all.

a) little; b) the less; c) the least; d) un- .

30. He enjoyed ... computer games at first, but after a while he got bored with them.

a) to play; b) playing; c) make play; d) having played.


31. We haven’t managed to meet... three years.

a) since; b) for; c) after; d) last.

32. Nothing is wrong,...?

a) can it; b) is it; c) isn’t it; d) can’t be.

33. A meeting of the society will be ... on Tuesday evening at 6 o’clock.

a) made; b) taken; c) held; d) placed.

34. May I apologize ... being so late?

a) myself for; b) for; c) -; d) myself.

35. All the furniture in this room ... antique.

a) are; b) are made of; c) have; d) is.

36. ... traffic in the city center.

a) There’s always many; b) It is always heavy; c) There’s always heavy; d) It is always much.

37. You’ll find the travel agency ... the end of the street.

a) by; b) in; c) on; d) at.

38. She ... the piano since she was ten.

a) has been playing; b) is playing; c) has played; d) had played.

39. Doing these exercises may be good ... me, but I hate every minute of it.

a) to; b) for; c) on; d) at.

40. She heard Miss Drake … that Ann was really happy.

a) tell; b) to tell; c) say; d) to say.


41. You have bought a FIAT. You ... a BMW.

a) should have bought; b) would have bought; c) had better buy; d) would rather have bought.

42. Poor Jack — he lost his homework, and he ... do it again,

a) needs; b) ought; c) shall; d) has to.

43. The food at the party was horrible, I’ve never eaten ... awful food!

a) such a; b) such; c) such an d) so.

44. “I’m not very hungry”. — “…”

a) Neither do I; b) I am; c) So am I; d) Nor I am.

45. The... from London to Bristol takes two hours by car.

a) travel; b) journey; c) voyage; d) driving.

46. Open the window, ... you?

a) must; b) need; c) will; d) do.

47. You must try not to ... so many mistakes.

a) do; b) tell; c) make; d) perform.

48. Helen asked me if... the film called “Star wars”.

a) have I seen; b) have you seen; c) had I seen; d) I had seen.

49. I promise that I... to work on time every morning in future,

a) get; b) am getting; c) will get; d) would get.

50. I’m not going to tell you the reason ... my decision,

a) to; b) with; c) on; d) for.

Ответы на грамматический тест по английскому языку.


1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-a; 5-c; 6-c; 7-b; 8-b; 9-b; 10-b; 11-d; 12-d; 13-d; 14-с; 15-с; 16-a; 17-b; 18-b; 19-d; 20-c; 21-c; 22-c; 23-b; 24-c; 25-c; 26 — a; 27-c; 28-a; 29-c; 30-b; 31-b; 32-b; 33-c; 34-b; 35-d; 36-c; 37-d; 38-a; 39-b; 40-c; 41-a; 42-d; 43-b; 44-b; 45-b; 46-c; 47-c; 48-d; 49-c; 50-d.


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  1. Что-то это очень просто для олимпиад...

  2. Спасибо. очень пригодится. Дальнейших успехов в работе!

  3. Английский в этом тесте конечно очень советский. Варианты ответов местами допустимы более одного.

  4. Вариант тестирования, к сожалению, не выглядит пригодным для уровня 11 класса.

    Максимум — 8 класс.

    Задания не аутентичны английскому языку, они выглядят просто, как перевод с русского языка.

  5. Для 11 класса, тем более для олимпиадного варианта, слишком прост. Но для 9 класса обычной общеобразовательной школы вполне приемлем.

  6. Почему в 7 задании не recognize?

  7. Почти везде более одного ответа, лол. Уровень С1 после прохождения, я понял, что дно0) 0

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