Кроссворды на тему ЛОНДОН на английском языке с ответами

Предлагаю вам несколько кроссвордов на тему Лондон на английском языке (Crosswords about London / London Crosswords). Все кроссворды даны с ответами, поэтому вы сможете проверить себя.

Кроссворд 1 - наиболее сложный, Кроссворд 2 попроще, ну а Кроссворд 3 — самый легкий. 

#1. Кроссворд на тему LONDON


3             Ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London.

5             British public service broadcaster with headquarters in Westminster, London.

6             Britain's national gallery of international modern art

9             A major international airport in London

10           The oldest tennis tournament in the world, which was first held in London in 1877

11           A theatre in St Martin's Lane, Westminster, built as one of London's largest and most luxurious 'family' variety theatres


1             A river that flows through southern England including London.

2             A Stadium best known for hosting football matches, having hosted the FA Cup Final annually as well as numerous England International fixtures.

4             The nickname of London underground

6             Historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London founded in 1066

7             An area of South East London which is notable for giving its name to the Meridian (0° longitude)

8             It's the historic centre and the primary central business district (CBD) of London.

#2. Кроссворд на тему LONDON (простой)


3             What is the tower of London now?

4             What color are taxis in London?

5             A Famous admiral's name

7             ... Square is a public square in the center of London


1             In What Palace does the Queen live?

2             What color are buses in London?

6             The oldest part of London

8             A Famous theatre in London

9             What birds are the national Symbol of London?

#3. Кроссворд на тему LONDON (простой-  поиск слов)

Ответы к кроссвордам по теме ЛОНДОН.

Кроссворд 1.

Кроссворд 2

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