Mike’s daily routine – тест по чтению для 4 класса


Перед вами несложный тест по чтению для 4 класса. Он идеально подойдет в качестве проверки навыков чтения после того, как вы прошли тему Daily routine. Текст можно использовать на любом этапе и в качестве повторения лексики по теме ежедневные занятия, а также для повторения указаний времени на английском.

Reading test “Mike’s daily routine”

Прочитайте внимательно текст.

Mike is an American boy. He lives in Los Angeles, California. He lives with his family in a new house. He is eleven years old and he has got an older brother, David, and a younger sister, Emma.

He starts his day at about half past seven. He gets up, goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, brushes his teeth and gets dressed. Then he has breakfast and at a quarter to eight he leaves home and catches the bus to school.

Classes begin at half past eight. He usually has lunch at the school canteen at half past twelve. After school, at a quarter past five, he goes home. There he does his school homework and when he finishes it he helps his Mum laying the table. At half past seven the family dines together.

   Mike is a very helpful boy, so he helps his mother cleaning up everything after dinner.

   He usually watches TV for a while after dinner and at about ten o’clock the most he brushes his teeth again, puts on his Spider-Man pajamas and goes to bed. His parents always kiss him goodnight before he gets asleep. Mike is a very happy boy!


А теперь выполните предложенные задания.

Exercise 1. True or False?

  1. Mike is an American boy.
  2. He lives in a modern flat.
  3. He is eleven years old.
  4. He has got two brothers.
  5. Mike wakes up at eight o’clock.
  6. He walks to school.
  7. His classes begin at half past eight.
  8. Mike and his family have dinner at half past seven.

Exercise 2. Match antonyms.

















Exercise 2. Answers the questions to the text.

  1. Where does Mike live?
  2. What’s his sister’s name?
  3. What time does he wake up?
  4. Does he have breakfast at home?
  5. What time does Mike leave home?
  6. Where does he have lunch?
  7. When does Mike return home?
  8. Does he do his homework at school or at home?
  9. Is he a helpful boy?
  10. What’s your daily routine like? (5 – 10 sentences)

А теперь ответы к тесту.

Exercise 1.

1 True, 2 false, 3 true, 4 false, 5 false, 6 false, 7 true. 8 true

Exercise 2.

Modern – old-fashioned, older – younger, start – end, leaves – enters, begin – finish, together – alone, helpful – unhelpful, happy – unhappy.

Exercise 3.

  1. Mike lives in Los Angeles, California.
  2. His sister’s name is Emma.
  3. He wakes up at about half past seven.
  4. Yes, he does. He has breakfast at home.
  5. He leaves home at a quarter to eight.
  6. He has lunch at the school canteen.
  7. Mike returns home at a quarter past five.
  8. He does his homework at home.
  9. Yes, he is.
  10. Ваш ответ.

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