Предлоги места. Английский язык упражнения

Упражнения на английские предлоги места будут полезны каждому, потому что даже у уверенных пользователей языка время от времени возникают затруднения именно в использовании предлогов времени. Рекомендую повторить правила постановки предлогов места. После выполнения упражнений Вы сможете свериться с ответами.

Предлоги места английский упражнения.

Упражнение 1. Вспомним постановку предлогов в адресах. Complete the sentences. Use on, at or in

  1. Gary Clench lives ____ Brighton.
  2. He lives _____ Clifton Street.
  3. He lives ____ 33 Clifton Street.
  4. His flat is ___ the second floor.
  5. Carlos lives____Barcelona.
  6. I live____Main Street.
  7. I live ____109 Main Street.

What about you? Where do you live? Make true sentences.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте подходящий предлог места.

  1. There's a strange woman standing ____ a tree. (под)
  2. There's a motorbike ____ the car (перед) and a bicycle ____ it (позади), so the car is _____ the yellow motorbike and the bicycle.
  3. There's a bus waiting ___ a bus stop.
  4. There's a briefcase____ the desk. (под)
  5. Can you see a camera ____ the drawer?
  6. There's a large picture _____ the wall___  two  small 
  7. There are two bedrooms ____ the flat.
  8. Santa Monica is ____Southern California.
  9. I've got a poster of Kevin Costner_____my wall.
  10. Heidelberg is____the River Neckar.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте подходящий предлог места.

  1. There's nobody waiting____the bus stop.
  2. Meet me____the bus station.
  3. I often have a coffee____the Calypso Cafe.
  4. I'm a student____Brighton College.
  5. Molly is____work at the moment.
  6. He saw a nest ... the tree.
  7. How many misprints are there ... this book?
  8. Don’t sit ... the window.
  9. Is the post-office close ... your house?
  10. What subjects do you study ... school?

Упражнение 4. Заполни пропуски предлогами in, on, at, under.

I am ____ the classroom. I am not ___ the blackboard. I am ___ the desk.  There is a book ___ my desk. My pens and pencils are ___ my pencil-box. The pencil-box is ___ my bag. The bag is ___the desk.

 We’ve got flowers ____ our school park. Two pupils are sitting ___the tree ___ this park now.

In, at, at, on, in, in, under / near / beside, in, under, in

Упражнение 5. Переведите на английский.

рядом с его домом, среди нас, между двумя большими домами, вокруг стола, у окна, у двери, далеко от школы, перед нашим офисом, под кроватью, по ту сторону реки, напротив ее дома, позади меня, над ее головой, над столом, под землей, в школе, в доме, вне дома. на столе, на стене

Упражнение 6. Составьте предложения.


Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean


Lake Titicaca


Lake Baikal


Lake Ontario






North America.

South America.


America and Africa. Europe.

America and Asia.

Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean

Упражнение 7. Complete the sentences with Prepositions of time.

  1. What did you do ... your history lesson?
  2. How many pupils are there ... your class?
  3. Is there anybody ... the classroom?
  4. Would you like to live ... another country?
  5. We sometimes stay ... school late.
  6. There were 20,000 people ... the football match.
  7. My mother is not ... home, she is ... work.
  8. Were there many familiar people … the concert?
  9. I have seen a brilliant play … the theatre.
  10. My friend won the first place ... the 400-metres race.
  11. You can watch hockey match ... TV today.
  12. Glasgow is ... the River Clyde ... Scotland.

Answers to Prepositions of place Exercises.

Exercise 1.

1 in, 2, in (Br) или on (Am), 3 at, 4 on, 5 in, 6 in (Br) или on (Am), 7 at

Exercise 2.

1 under, 2  in front of / behind / between, 3 at, 4 under, 5 in, 6 on / between, 7 in, 8 in, 9 on, 10 on

Exercise 3.

1 at, 2 at, 3 at, 4 in, 5 at, 6 in, 7 in, 8 near / by /at /beside, 9 to, 10 at

Exercise 4.

In, at, at, on, in, in, under / near / beside, in, under, in

Exercise 5.

beside his house /next to his house/ near his house / by his house, among us, between the big houses, round the table, by the window /next to the window / at the window, at the door,  far from the school, in front of our office, under the bed, beyond the river, opposite  her house, behind me, above her head, over the table, below the ground, in the school / at school, inside the house / in the house / at home, outside the house, on the table, on the wall

Exercise 6.  Different variants are possible

Exercise 7.

1 at, 2 in, 3 in, 4 in, 5 at, 6 at, 7 at/at, 8 at, 9 at, 10 in, 11 on, 12 on / in

Надеюсь, теперь Вы чувствуете себя увереннее в теме предлоги места английский язык упражнения.

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