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summer holidays exercises

Перед вами небольшая подборка упражнений на тему «My summer holidays» («Мои летние каникулы»).

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Упражнения по теме «Летние каникулы» -английский язык   

Упражнение 1. Переведите слова на тему «My summer holidays». Соотнесите слова со значениями (значения подготовлены не для всех слов). Придумайте описание/значение для любых трех оставшихся слов.

tourist, sleeping bag, caravan, hotel, packing, canoe, sunbathing, sandcastle, cruise, tent, seaside, suitcase, climbing, life belt, sun, train


  1. A holiday when you travel on a ship and visit a lot of different places
  2. A big warm thing that you sleep in when you go camping
  3. The big round thing in the sky that gives us light in the day, and heat
  4. Going up and down, walking or using your hands and feet, moving to a higher place
  5. Putting things into a bag or suitcase before you go somewhere
  6. A person who visits different places on holiday
  7. A place by the sea where people go on holiday
  8. A light narrow boat that you use on rivers. You move it through the water with a piece of wood, called paddle

Упражнение 2. Дополните текст о летных каникулах, использовав предложенные слова.

Caught , bikes, took, friends, weather

In summer Jane went to the mountains. It was great. The_____________ was hot and sunny. Jane had her camera with her and she _____________ photos of herself and her parents. In the evenings they rode _____________ and read books. There was a small lake. Her dad _____________ fish in it every day. There was a girl from Italy and Jane made _____________ with her.

Упражнение 3. Дополните текст о летных каникулах, использовав предложенные слова.

Swimming, weather, seaside, built, took

In summer Steve went to the _____________. It was great. The ____________ was warm and sunny. Every morning Steve went ____________. He ___________ sandcastles on the beach. He _____________ photos of his great holiday.

1 seaside, 2 weather, 3 swimming, 4 built, 5 took

Упражнение 4. Ответьте на вопросы про ваши летние каникулы.

  1. Where do you usually go on holidays?
  2. What time do you usually get up on holidays?
  3. Do you go fishing in summer?
  4. What’s your favorite summer food?
  5. How many ice-creams do you eat every day?
  6. Do you help your mom at home?
  7. Do you swim in the sea?
  8. Do you send emails to your classmates?
  9. Does your mom prepare special dishes?
  10. Do you feel happy on holidays?


Exercise 1.

A cruise

B sleeping bag

C sun

D climbing

E packing

F tourist

G seaside

H canoe

Exercise 2.

1 weather, 2 took, 3 bikes, 4 caught, 5 friends

Exercise 3

1 seaside, 2 weather, 3 swimming, 4 built, 5 took

Exercise 4

Your own answers

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