Задания и упражнения по теме СПОРТ на английском языке

Предлагаю вам небольшую подборку заданий и упражнений по теме СПОРТ на английском языке. Данные упражнения помогут вам закрепить лексику по теме SPORT, а также отработать некоторые грамматические навыки.

Лексические упражнения по теме спорт.

Упражнение 1. Заполните таблицу следующими видами спорта. Решите, какие виды спорта употребляются со словами PLAY, GO и DO.

Football, boxing, golf, karate, skiing, rugby, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, yoga, swimming, hockey, running, judo, soccer, bowling, dancing, cycling, chess







Упражнение 2. Угадайте, какой это вид спорта

  1. Each team has eleven players. The players of the two teams wear clothes of different colors. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with the hands.
  2. Each team has up to eleven players, but only seven of them can play at the same time. The players have caps on. They mustn’t splash water into the face of opponent.
  3. Each team has six players on the court. The player can hit the ball with the hand. She/he has to release the ball before hitting it. The players are not allowed to touch the net.
  4. It is a team sport. Each team has up to ten players, but only five of them can play at the same time. The players must try for a goal within 30 seconds of possessing the ball.
  5. Each team can have up to seventeen players, but only six can play at the same time. Players wear skates and helmets.

Упражнение 3. Заполните таблицу следующими видами спорта.

golf / basketball / diving / swimming / wrestling / skiing / football / karate / gymnastics / cricket / weight lifting / running / volleyball / horse riding / handball / boxing / tennis / water polo / table tennis / judo

Played/done Individually

Played in pairs

Played in Teams




Упражнение 4. Определите, что это за вид спорта. Подсказки – в рамке.

High-jump /  karate /  football /  basketball /  ice-hockey /  boxing / golf /  skiing /  diving /  tennis


  1. The sport of moving over snow on skis.
  2. The sport of jumping into water or swimming under water.
  3. The sport of fighting with your hands, wearing thick gloves.
  4. A game for two teams of eleven players who try to kick a ball into a goal on a field.
  5. A game for two or four players who hold rackets and hit a small ball over a net.
  6. A Japanese sport where people fight with their hands and feet.
  7. A game that two teams play on ice.
  8. A sport where people jump over a high bar.
  9. A game that you play by hitting a small ball into holes with a club.
  10. A game for two teams of five players who try to throw a ball into a high net ring.

Упражнение 5. Соедините виды спорта и места, где занимаются данным видом спорта

1.       swimming

2.       boxing / wrestling

3.       tennis / basketball / volleyball 

4.       football / hockey / rugby

5.       athletics / motor racing

6.       ice hockey / skating

7.       bowling

8.       golf

A.      a rink           

B.      a court

C.      a pool

D.      a ring

E.       a track

F.       a pitch

G.      a course

H.      an alley

Упражнение 6. В каком из этих видов спорта используется данный спортинвентарь.

1.       a puck

2.       a racket

3.       a goal

4.       a shuttlecock

5.       clubs

6.       a net

7.       a stick

8.       a bat

A.      badminton

B.      golf

C.      ice hockey

D.      football / hockey

E.       tennis / volleyball

F.       hockey / ice hockey

G.      baseball

H.      tennis / badminton

Упражнение 7. Дополните текст подходящим по смыслу словом из рамки

pools / courts / stadium / rink / athletes / jumping / track / pitches / rings 

Nick James is very happy because there is a big sports center near his home. There are football (1) _______, tennis and basketball (2) ________, swimming (3) _______, a sports hall with two boxing (4) ______ and even a skating (5) _______. There is also a separate athletics (6) _______, where 30 000 spectators can watch track events on the (7) _____ and field events, such as (8) ________and throwing, in the grass center. The (9) _______ get ready in modern changing rooms. A huge scoreboard shows the results.

   Nick often attends sports events. He also goes swimming three times a week and hopes to succeed in this sport.

Грамматические упражнения по теме спорт.

Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки. Вставьте глагол в Present Simple. Прочитайте и переведите текст.

Alex 1___________ (to have) many hobbies. The boy 2____________ (to like) doing sports. He 3______________ (to play) soccer. He 4 _______ (to be) a forward in his team. Alex and his friends 5_____________   (to play) baseball. Alex 6___________ (to throw) balls. He 7________ (to be) a pitcher. His friend John 8______________ (to catch) balls. John 9___________ (to be) a catcher. Every summer the friends 10___________ (to wait) for a baseball tournament. The tournament 11 _________ (to be) in June. Sometimes Alex and his friends 12__________ (to go) in for mountaineering. They 13_____________ (to climb) mountains and rocks. It 14________ (to be) a risky but interesting sport. Alex 15__________ (to use) special ropes when he 16_____________ (to climb) a rock.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте подходящие предлоги: for / on  / of / at / in / between

  1. Kate is not very good _____ skiing.
  2. The match was ________ Wales and Scotland.
  3. There was a crowd ____ 40 000 ______ the stadium.
  4. Which team does he play_____?
  5. A runner-up comes second ______a race or competition.
  6. You use golf club to play golf ____a golf course.
  7. She's the best player ______ the team.
  8. The result _____the football match was a 1:1 draw.

Упражнение 3. Раскройте скобки, корректно образуя степень сравнения прилагательного.

  1. Mary is _________ (tall) girl in her volleyball team.
  2. Do you really think that Tina is _______ (fast) than Sandra?
  3. John’s results in tennis are getting ________ (good) and ______ (good).
  4. This exercise is very ____________ (difficult).
  5. Our PE teacher is __________ (strong) of all our teachers.

Ответы к лексическим упражнениям.

Упражнение 1.







Table tennis



















Упражнение 2.

1 – football, 2 — water polo, 3  — volleyball, 4 – volleyball, 5 — hockey

Упражнение 3


in pairs

in teams






weight lifting


horse riding





table tennis







water polo

Упражнение 4.

  1. Skiing
  2. Diving
  3. Boxing
  4. Football
  5. Tennis
  6. Karate
  7. Ice-hockey
  8. High-jump
  9. Golf
  10. Basketball

Упражнение 5.

1 – С, 2 – D, 3 – B, 4 – F, 5 – E, 6 – A, 7 – H, 8 – G.

Упражнение 6. 

1 – F, 2 – H, 3 — D, 4 – A, 5 – B, 6 – E, 7 -F , 8 – G

Упражнение 7. 

1 pitches, 2 courts, 3 pools, 4 rings, 5 rink, 6 track, 7 stadium, 8 jumping, 9 athletes

Ответы к грамматическим упражнениям.

Упражнение 1.

1 has, 2 likes, 3 plays, 4 is, 5 play, 6 throws, 7 is, 8 catches, 9 is, 10 wait, 11 is, 12 go, 13 climb, 14 is, 15 uses, 16 climbs

Упражнение 2.

1 at, 2 between, 3 of / at (in also possible), 4 for, 5 in, 6 on, 7 in (of also possible), 8 of

Упражнение 3.

1 the tallest

2 faster

3 better and better

4 difficult

5 the strongest

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