Английские идиомы с названиями цветов. English idioms with colors. Упражнения

Предлагаю вам подборку отличных упражнений на использование цветных идиом. При возникновении проблем обратите внимание на полный список идиом с названиями цветов.

Упражнение 1. Дополните предложения идиомами с названиями цветов.

to roll out the red carpet, a red herring, a white elephant, the black sheep, the green light, in the pink, in the red, blue in the face, the ginger group, green with envy

  1. John was _____________ of the family, because he was always in trouble with the law.
  2. You can plead with Fred till you are ________________ but he’ll never let you do this.
  3. Did Alice expected Tom __________________ for her after all she had done?
  4. We'll begin construction as soon as we get _____________from the town council.
  5. Everybody left, only _________________decided to stay and discuss the party programme.
  6. Molly was ill but now she is fortunately ______________.
  7. The company has been _____________for the past three months and now we need to increase our sales.
  8. Tom's leaving the party was just ______________ to show Molly that he doesn’t care.
  9. A new house of Greg's was _____________.
  10. Mary was _____________when she learned that Jake had won the first prize.

 Упражнение 2. Вставьте названия цветов.

blue (3), black (2), red (2) yellow, white, pink

  1. We didn’t invite Jordan, he just arrived out of the _______.
  2. Kate was the ______of perfection in her snow-white dress.
  3. Jack was furious and gave his wife a _______ eye.
  4. When Nora is in a _______ funk she doesn't go out.
  5. I saw ________ when I learned I had been falsely accused of cheating.
  6. There is considerable ________ tape in diplomatic affairs.
  7. The ____________ press can’t stop discussing the celebrity’s divorce.
  8. I can lend you as much money as you need. These days I’m in the __________.
  9. Stop turning the air _________! Don’t you see the children are listening to you!
  10. Molly had a _________ night. The child didn’t give her an opportunity to sleep.

Упражнение 3.Вставьте названия цветов.

blue (2), black (3), white (2), green, yellow (2)

  1. After the divorce Fred is as _________ as the devil.
  2. Having understood that Mike had missed his classes the mother gave him a _______look.
  3. __________ flag displayed on ships indicates the presence of disease or quarantine.
  4. Witches are highly proficient in ______ art.
  5. Buy some milk. Ted is coming and he drinks only __________coffee.
  6. Though it was ________ lie Emily felt like betraying their friendship.
  7. Sometimes it seems to Jim that Molly isn’t interested in his personality. The only thing she wants is to ________ his money.
  8. I don’t like Greg’s personality. I consider him to be a _________dog.
  9. ________ pudding is a type of sausage that exists in various cultures from Asia to Europe.
  10. Lis has a _______ thumb. Her garden is a real masterpiece.

 Упражнение 4. Дополните предложения идиомами с названиями цветов.

a red-letter day, like a bolt out of the blue, paint the town red, black spot, white feather, a blue streak, green winter, white-collar, in the green, once in a blue moon

  1. This left turning is a real ___________. There have been more than dozen of accidents here for the last few years.
  2. Henrick’s arrival in March was ___________________.
  3. She phones me only _______________________.
  4. Tim has always been a _______________ worker.
  5.  Every time Greg meets his best friend they _____________________.
  6. Greg showed the ______________having escaped from the crime scene.
  7. As last year we had a ____________, Lucas had no opportunity to improve his skiing skills.
  8. The 1st of January is a _____________ in our country.
  9. Stop! Stop! You are constantly talking ______________.
  10.  Now Fred is not very sporty, but _____________ he had brilliant results in cycling.


Упражнение 1. 1. the black sheep 2. blue in the face 3. to roll out the red carpet 4. the green light 5. the ginger group 6. in the pink 7. in the red 8. a red herring 9. a white elephant 10. green with envy

Упражнение 2. 1. blue 2. pink 3. black 4. blue 5. red 6. red 7. yellow 8. black 9. blue 10. white

Упражнение 3. 1. blue 2. black 3. yellow 4. black 5. white 6. white 7. blue 8. yellow 9. black 10. green

Упражнение 4. 1. black spot 2. like a bolt out of the blue 3. once in a blue moon 4. white-collar 5. paint the town red 6. white feather 7. green winter 8. a red-letter day 9. a blue streak 10. in the green

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