Английские идиомы со словами face, nose, eye, mouth, tooth. Упражнения. English face idioms. Exercises

В данных упражнениях вы сможете попрактиковаться в использовании английских фразеологизмов со словами face, nose, eye, mouth, tooth, tongue, lip и ear. Вы также можете подробно ознакомиться со списком face idioms.

Упражнение 1.

Вставьте подходящую по смыслу идиому.

lend an ear

lose face

play it by ear

show his face

pay through the nose

put her face on

thumb your nose

save his face

keep my nose to the grindstone

count noses

  1. Mr. Donald had to ___________________ to buy his daughter a yacht.
  2. I ‘d advice you to ___________ to what Linda is saying.
  3. When I was a schoolboy I used to ______________________ to get the highest grade.
  4. In such an unexpected situation we have to ________________.
  5. You must _____________ to know how many chairs is needed.
  6. It was very unkind of you to __________________ at your little brother.
  7. I have to do something not to ______________.
  8. The president will do everything possible to _______________ in such an awkward situation.
  9. Jimmie didn't even dare ________________ after what he had done.
  10. Sandra asked if she had time to _____________.

Упражнение 2.

Вставьте подходящие слова.




face (2)

ears (2)

tongue (3)

  1.  The journalist must have a ____________ for interesting news.
  2. The last record has been on everyone’s _____________.
  3. You can plead with Fred till you are blue in the ___________- but he’ll never let you do this.
  4. Fred had the right word on the tip of his ____________- but couldn’t remember it.
  5. Monica is up to her ______________ with bills to pay.
  6. In the ____________of serious difficulties she had enough vitality not to give up.
  7. I wonder if she has her boss' _____________.
  8. They put their_______________ in the air and looked very haughty.
  9. Mike was late for class again, and the teacher gave him a good _____________-lashing.
  10. Please keep an_______on the baby for me while I go shopping.

Упражнение 3.

Вставьте подходящую по смыслу идиому.

bedroom eyes

an about face

eye to eye

all ears

an eagle eye

a big mouth

a black eye

hammer and tongues

a nose dive

the naked eye

  1. Не was furious and gave his wife _____________.
  2. George, are you here? Yes, I’m ____________.
  3. Nick and John see __________ on this matter.
  4. Stocks took __________ yesterday.
  5. The girl seemed to have _____________.
  6. The meteor could be seen with ____________.
  7. Hannah went right at me ___________________.
  8. It was mean of Trevor to do _____________- to the project.
  9. My son has ____________, don’t listen to him.
  10. Is Kate shortsighted?  — On the contrary, she has ______________.

Упражнение 4.

Вставьте подходящую по смыслу идиому.

followed his nose

was easy on the eyes

flew in the face

went into a nose dive

сaught my eye

caught her eye

kept our eyes out

fell on deaf ears

boxed Billy’s ears

made eyes

  1. This apple pie _________________.
  2. Saying this, she ____________ at the baby on her lap.
  3. Several senators _______________ of the new law.
  4. The team ________________ after the captain was hurt.
  5. Martin _______________ in his company.
  6. The burglar _______________ when he tried to call the police.
  7. He _______________ right to the main hall.
  8. Silvia was about to leave the market when a ragged woman ______________.
  9. We ________________ for her in the crowd.
  10. We saw that the girl ___________________.


Упражнение 1.

pay through the nose, 2. lend an ear, 3. keep my nose to the grindstone, 4. play it by ear, 5. count noses, 6. thumb your nose, 7. lose face, 8. save his face, 9. show his face, 10. put her face on.

Упражнение 2.

1. nose, 2. tongue, 3. face, 4. tongue, 5. ears, 6. face, 7. ears, 8. noses, 9. tongue, 10. eye

Упражнение 3.

1. a black eye, 2. all ears, 3. eye to eye, 4. a nose dive, 5. bedroom eyes, 6. the naked eye, 7. hammer and tongues, 8. an about face, 9. a big mouth, 10. an eagle eye.

Упражнение 4.

1. caught my eye, 2. made eyes, 3. flew in the face, 4. went into a nose dive, 5. fell on deaf ears, 6. boxed Billy’s ears, 7. followed his nose, 8. caught her eye, 9. kept our eyes out, 10 was easy on the eyes.

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