Английские идиомы со словом hand. Упражнения. English idioms exercises

Предлагаю вам попрактиковаться в использовании английских идиом со словами hand, elbow, arm, finger и др. Выполнив следующие упражнения на понимание английских фразеологизмов, вы значительно улучшите свою компетенцию в данной сфере. При возникновении сложностей проконсультируйтесь с этим списком «ручных» идиом. Вы также можете выполнить и другие упражнения на использование английских идиом с частями тела, а также со словом heart.

Упражнение 1. Вставьте подходящую по смыслу идиому.

an old hand

a sore thumb

a free hand

an itching palm

the finger of suspicion

a tennis elbow

the upper hand

the iron fist

first hand

the mailed fist

  1. After working in the garden I had _______________.
  2. Mike gives Ab ____________ and she ought not to let the chance slip by.
  3. Greg got _____________ of the situation.
  4. He was ________________ with all sort of firearms.
  5. Tom has ____________ and does almost everything for money.
  6. Your remark at Fred’s wedding ceremony stuck out like ______________.
  7. ____________ policy of the US was not resultful
  8. ____________ couldn’t stop the extermination of the whole human race.
  9. _____________ points at Molly
  10. Fred got the news at ______________.


 Упражнение 2. Вставьте подходящее слово, чтобы образовать английскую идиому.


Hand (2)



Finger (2)




  1. Give me a __________ with this lock, I can’t open the door.
  2. It was highly immoral of you to grease his___________.
  3. The boss slapped James on the____________ for his making a mistake.
  4. We asked him for mercy but he was as hard as ________.
  5. Lola's eating out of her boss' _________.
  6. Stop twiddling your _________ and help me to unpack things.
  7. It was thoughtless of Molly to play into her enemy’s __________.
  8. Nancy still has Ben wrapped around her little ________.
  9. I wonder if Luis has his___________ in it.
  10. Fred has this program at his fingertips.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте подходящую по смыслу идиому.

turned thumbs down

overplayed my hand

kept my fingers crossed

didn't lift a finger

fought tooth and nail

greased the supervisor’s  palm

got the upper hand

forced my hand

had a hand

slipped through the police fingers

  1. I ____________ in trying to convince him of my sincerity.
  2. It was Jane who _____________ to take up skiing.
  3. We _____________ over them in the contest.
  4. The teacher thought that Rick ___________ in my report.
  5. The committee _______________ on my proposal.
  6. The rescuers ____________ to save the flood victims.
  7. Tom __________________ to help us.
  8. You’d get this job if you _____________________.
  9. The criminal _______________________.
  10. I _______________ that you would come.


Упражнение 1.

1. a tennis elbow, 2. a free hand, 3. the upper hand, 4. an old hand, 5. an itching palm, 6. a sore thumb, 7. the iron fist, 8. the mailed fist, 9. the finger of suspicion, 10. first hand.

Упражнение 2.

1. hand, 2. palm, 3. wrist, 4. nails, 5. hand, 6. thumbs, 7. hands, 8. finger, 9. finger, 10 fingertips

Упражнение 3.

1. overplayed my hand 2. forced my hand, 3. got the upper hand, 4. had a hand, 5. turned thumbs down, 6. fought tooth and nail, 7. didn't lift a finger, 8. greased the supervisor’s  palm, 9. slipped through the police fingers, 10. kept my fingers crossed.

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