Глаголы do и make упражнения с ответами [7 упражнений]

do make упражнения

Добрый день. В данном материале вы найдете упражнения на употребление глаголов to do и to make в английском языке. Всего 10 упражнений, выстроенных от простого к сложному.

Если во время выполнения упражнений у вас появятся сложности – обратите внимание на статью “Разница между to do / to make”, в ней вы найдете ответы на все свои вопросы. Также на сайте есть онлайн тест “To do or to make

To do / to make – упражнения.

Перед выполнение упражнений, изучите таблицу – повторите правило.

do make difference

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Упражнение 1.  Insert do or make.

1 _______ an apology

2 _______ a job

3 _______ an appointment

4 _______ bad


6_______your best

7_______a lesson

8_______a mistake


10_______a cake

11_______ noise

12_______the cooking

13_______a decision

14_______a discovery

15_______a dress

16_______an exercise

17_______your homework

18_______the housework

19_______the ironing

20_______a note

Упражнение 2.  

Write 10 words into each line:

MAKE: _________________________________________________________

DO: _________________________________________________________

a mess, homework, the dishes, the shopping, a mistake, money, (someone) a favor, plans, the right thing, dinner, volunteer work, noise, the bed, a (telephone) call, the research, best, sure, a living, any good, exercises

Упражнение 3. Circle the right option:

  1. I cannot understand. It does not make/do sense
  2. Make/Do sure you don’t forget your ticket, will you?
  3. He is always making/doing a fool of himself with those jokes he tells
  4. Buy that car. It’s very good and cheap. You’ll do/make a real bargain
  5. I’ll have to make/do my best if I want to pass this exam
  6. Eat fruit. It’ll make/do you good
  7. I cannot go out now. I have a lot of work to make/do.
  8. It is a very good business. If you’re lucky, you’ll make/do a fortune
  9. If you’re so rude to him, you’ll make/do an enemy of him
  10. When are you going to make/do the shopping?

Упражнение 4. Circle the right option. The exercise is more difficult than the previous one.

  1. I can’t give you an answer. I have not made/done up my mind yet
  2. What have you made/done to your hair?
  3. Try not to make/do trouble in class or the teacher will punish you
  4. They were angry but after talking, they made/did peace and became friends again
  5. We made/did the washing-up after our guests left
  6. After I had made/done the beds, I had breakfast
  7. He made/did his job very well but he was very badly-paid
  8. I made/did an appointment with my lawyer. I needed some advice.

Упражнение 5.  Do or make?

  1. When you live abroad it is difficult to __________ friends if you don't know the language.
  2. «Can you ____________ me a favour?» «No, I'm busy.»
  3. I'm hungry. I'm going to ____________ a sandwich.
  4. I couldn't _______________ business with him. I don't trust him.
  5. Can I use your mobile? I need to _____________ a call.
  6. His company _____________ a lot of business with China.
  7. I can't come because I’ve got to ______________ the washing-up.
  8. It's snowing! Do you want to _____________a snowman?

Упражнение 6.  Insert do or make in the correct form.

  1. I’ll __________ my best to pass all my exams next term.
  2. It’s very difficult to _________ a decision when you aren’t sure.
  3. Don’t _________ noise. The baby is sleeping!
  4. Have you finished _________ your homework?
  5. Can you _________ me a favor?
  6. You’ll _________ a mistake if you do that.
  7. I’ll _________ the shopping after work this evening.
  8. Don’t _________ any coffee. We’ll have tea.
  9. How many tests have you _________?
  10. If you are shy, you’ll never _________ friends.

Упражнение 7.  Insert do or make in the correct form.

  1. My mother is _________ me a dress for the party.
  2. You can’t talk to other people in the room when you are _________ an exam.
  3. Who will __________ the washing up after lunch?
  4. Taking a few days’ holiday will _________ you good.
  5. These photographs don’t __________ any justice to her beauty.
  6. He _________ a large fortune when he was working in Australia.
  7. My tooth hurts. I’ll have to _________ an appointment with my dentist.
  8. That firm is not very reliable. We’d better not _________ business with them.
  9. He was sacked from school because he was always ________ trouble in class.
  10. Don’t _________ such a fuss about the subject. It is not so important!

Ответы к упражнениям.

Exercise 1. 1 make, 2 do, 3 make, 4 do, 5 do, 6 do, 7 do, 8 make, 9 make, 10 make, 11 make, 12 do, 13 make, 14 make, 15 make, 16 do, 17 do, 18 do, 19 do, 20 make

Exercise 2.

MAKE: a mess, a mistake, money, plans, dinner, noise, the bed, a (telephone) call, sure, a living

DO: homework, the dishes, the shopping, (someone) a favor, the right thing, volunteer work, the research, best, any good, exercises

Exercise 3. 1 make, 2 make, 3 making, 4 make, 5 do, 6 do, 7 do, 8 make, 9 make, 10 do.

Exercise 4. 1 made, 2 done, 3 make, 4 made, 5 did, 6 made, 7 did, 8 made

Exercise 5. 1 make, 2 do, 3 make, 4 do, 5 make, 6 does, 7 do, 8 make

Exercise 6.

  1. do
  2. make
  3. make
  4. doing
  5. do
  6. make
  7. do
  8. make
  9. done
  10. make

Exercise 7.

  1. making
  2. doing
  3. do
  4. do
  5. do
  6. made
  7. make
  8. do
  9. making
  10. make

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