Лексико-грамматические упражнения по теме «Возраст»

Выполнив следующие упражнения, вы повторите лексику по теме «Возраст». При возникновении каких-либо трудностей – проконсультируйтесь со статьей How old are you?

Упражнение 1. Дополните предложения названиями месяцев по образцу.

1. Annabel: 19.11.1989. Annabel was born in November.

2. Liam: 17.10.1998. Liam was born in ___________.

3. Peter: 20.06.1979. Peter was born in___________.

4. Richard: 14.07.2000. Richard was born__________.

5. Her twins: 11.12.1998. Her twins were born in ___________.

6. Kate: 04.03.1977. Kate was born  in _________ .

7. Mrs. Maple: 03.05.1937. Mrs. Maple was born in__________.

8. Mr. Smith: 10.02.1918. Mr. Smith was born in_____________.

9. Ms. Haste: 01.09.1987. Ms. Haste was born in______________

10. Andrew: 05.01.1967. Andrew was born in ____________.

11. Clair: 23.08.1952. Clair was born in____________.

12. My sister: 28.04.1992. My sister was born in_____________ .


Упражнение 2. Сгруппируйте пары предложений со схожим смыслом.

1 He is a five-year-old boy.

2 She is between the ages of thirty and forty.

3 He is a youth of fifteen

4 She is eight years old.

5 She is over seventy years old.

6 He is twelve month old.

7 She is fifty-four years old.

8 He is either twenty-four or twenty-five.

9 She has just recently learned to walk.

10 He is under age.

11 I am beginning to feel my age.

12 She has aged since the last time we met.

13 She is between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.

14 She has two rather aged aunts.

a)      He’s still a baby.

b)      He is in his twenties.

c)       She’s a teenager.

d)      She’s middle-aged.

e)      She’s in her thirties.

f)       She is a toddler.

g)      He’s a child.

h)      She’s a little girl.

i)        He’s a teenager.

j)        I’m beginning to feel old.

k)      She looks older than before.

l)        She is an elderly lady,

m)    Her aunts are old.

n)      He is legally too young.



Упражнение 3. Заполните пробелы следующими словами:

 baby, toddler,  teenager, adult (2), young, youth, middle-aged,  elderly, senior, old (2)

1. Of course, she can’t walk yet, she is still only a_____________________.

2. How old is your daughter?’ ‘She’s still a___________ ,but she will be twenty next year.

3. It is true that my grandmother is an ___________ lady, but she is still elegant.

4. My neighbors are a __________ couple with grown-up children.

5. She became very depressed in her ___________age. She’ll be eighty next month.

6. I watched my 2-year-old nephew walking towards his puppy. What a cute___________!

7. I have nothing against mini-skirts, but I think they’re strictly for the___________.

8. He looks like a man who’s found a secret to eternal_____________.

9. Under British law an______________________is someone over 18 years old.

10. Many department stores have special discounts for____________citizens.

11. ______________people pay an admission charge to museum but children get in free.

12. A woman is as____________as she looks.



Упражнение 1.  2. October 3. June 4. July 5. December 6. March 7. May 8. February 9. September 10. January 11. August 12. April

Упражнение 2. 1 – g, 2 – e, 3 – i, 4 – h, 5 – l, 6 – a, 7 – d, 8 – b, 9 – f, 10 – n, 11 – j, 12 – k, 13 – c, 14 — m

Упражнение 3.1.baby, 2. teenager, 3. elderly, 4. middle-aged, 5. old, 6. toddler, 7. young,8. youth, 9. adult 10. senior , 11. adult, 12. old

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