Second conditional exercises. Условные предложения II типа. Упражнения

упражнения на второй тип условных предложений

Second conditional упражнения помогут Вам закрепить употребление условных упражнений второго типа. На сайте я уже размещала упражнения на первый тип условных предложений, настало время Second conditional exercises.

Перед выполнением упражнений предлагаю Вам небольшой психологический тест, в котором используются условные предложения второго типа. Тест не просто интересный, он поможет вам вспомнить, какие формы глагола употребляются в second conditional.

Personality quiz with second conditional sentences.

Some people are very calm. Others are nervous. Some people can stay calm in a crisis. Other people panic. What about you? Are you a survivor? Try this personality quiz.

1  If you were on a hijacked plane, would you

a) attack the hijackers?

b) sit still and do nothing?

c) scream?

d) try to escape?

2  If you won a million pounds, would you

a) put it all in a bank?

b) spend it as fast as possible?

c) hide it?

d) tell everyone about it?

3  If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what would you do first? Would you

a) shout for help?

b) build a hut?

c) look for food?

d) look for fresh water?

4  If a robber attacked you a dark street, would you

a) give him the money?

b) grab his weapon?

c) scream?

d) run away?

5  If you smelt smoke in the middle of the night, would you

a) go back to sleep?

b) run into the street and shout ‘Fire’?

c) look for the fire?

d) telephone the fire brigade

6  If you saw a car crash, won’t you

a) faint?

b) telephone the police?

c) help the people in the cars?

d) walk away?

7  If a dog bit your leg, would you

a) forget about it?

b) kill the dog?

c) go straight to hospital?

d) look for the owner of the dog?

Your score:

conditional exercises answers

0-10. In a crisis you would be cool and calm. You would survive accidents, hijacks and fires. You’re a real survivor because you always think of yourself first. However, perhaps you would have more friends if you thought more of other people.

11-18: You would stay calm in most crises and you would probably survive. But you would also try to help other people and you would risk your own life. A true survivor would only think of herself or himself.

19-25: You aren’t really a survivor. You’re too emotional. In a crisis you would panic too easily. If you panicked, you wouldn’t be able to think clearly.

26-32: You aren’t a survivor at all. In a crisis you would try to be a hero. If someone attacked you, you would defend yourself to live to fight another day.

Теперь переходим и к самим упражнениям на второй тип условных предложений. Все упражнения имеют ответы, поэтому вы сможете самостоятельно проверить свои достижения.


Упражнения на отработку Second Conditional.

Упражнение 1. Choose the correct option to form second conditional sentences.

  1. No mother would have sent/would send a child to anything so awful if she is not/ were not in such misery herself!
  2. I wouldn’t / mustn’t be surprised if we will turn / turned out to be ordinary humans, after all.
  3. If Maggie looked/ would look out his eyes, would she / did she come away from the terrifying experience?
  4. If the captain was / had shipwrecked, and you wanted/ want to rescue him in a boat, he would want / will want to know who was rowing the boat before he would get / got in.
  5. The transfer will / would be easier if she would have /had no idea what was happening.
  6. The East India Company can / could break Miguel’s control, if it can increase / increased the coffee amount on the market.
  7. If my brother were / had to blame he will/ would ask your forgiveness.
  8. If this could / was be arranged there will be/ would be nothing left for Chris to do.
  9. It would look / will look as if we were / had been conspiring.
  10. If it weren't / wouldn’t be for the pain and disgrace Sue would be / will be willing to end it all.

Упражнение 2. Insert the verbs in the appropriate form to form second conditionals.

  1. Binnerts _____________ (may) look for some sources on Dracula, if there__________ (be) any.
  2. If the police__________ (turn) the robber out he ___________ (do) it again.
  3. Molly’s face says 'I __________ (love) you if ______ I but I can't...’
  4. These legends ___________ (draw) them on, if only they _________ (have) no time to think realistic.
  5. If the King __________ (employ) an agent it (certainly be) you.
  6. If Greg ____________ (not have) money enough to move to another town, we____________ (give) it to him.
  7. If Mollenhauer and Butler and___________ (can) get together, it ___________ (be) a very different matter.
  8. If it ____________ (be) up to me, I _________ (have) my helicopter airborne.
  9. '___________ (not can) you know more, if you _________ (think) proper?'
  10. You _________ (can) write every month if you _________ (like).

Упражнение 3. Find and correct mistakes in the second condition sentences. Some sentences are correct.

  1. How could mother go on living with him if it were like this!
  2. I would be grateful if Jack will distribute this text.
  3. I should be grateful if this text would have been circulated as a document.
  4. Even if I remember them, whom could they interest?
  5. If Mike were to challenge you to a duel, what should you do?
  6. But if wind energy can be more efficiently stored, wind power could compete with other types of electricity generation.
  7. if Katerina did really come first to Tatyana's lodgings, Marya could have detain her.
  8. If six of us had to die on the way, what was to keep me from crying?
  9. I should have ship as a loafer if ever I shipped at all.
  10. Montezuma would be very angered, if I were sacrificed in such a far-off town.

Упражнение 4. Join parts of the sentences to form second conditionals.

  1. How could you know that you would fall into the cellar…
  2. If the police shut the robber up too soon…
  3. They couldn't even hear in the town …
  4. If the author were to give an account of it …
  5. If the time scale was lengthened …
  6. If the consultative process were to be concluded more successfully …
  7. If it were impossible to adopt the draft resolutions by consensus …
  8. We could hide in a big barn …
  9. The dog would start to howl …
  10. Even if the whole lady world protested, …

a) if we fired the cannon here.

b) they would all the same receive an overwhelming majority of all votes.

c) the reader would hardly believe it.

d) Mark wouldn’t stop watching football.

e) if we felt any danger.

f) if you didn't do this on purpose?

g) the effect would be that much more neutrons would decay into protons.

h) as if it were covered with bees

i) they would deprive themselves of getting more further evidence against him.

j) much more had to be done

Упражнение 5. Translate the second conditional sentences into English.

  1. Если бы я был актером, я бы ненавидел это.
  2. Я была бы очень признательна, если бы Вы дали мне какую-нибудь чистую тряпочку, чтобы завязать палец.
  3. Билли злился бы еще больше, если бы Моли не заплакала.
  4. Если бы даже я и была влюблена в Грега, то вы были бы последним человеком, которому бы я призналась.
  5. У нас было бы даже больше шансов, будь мы на острове
  6. Во всем можно было бы разобраться, если бы люди говорили бы друг с другом.
  7. Убийца бы даже сильно удивился, если бы полицейские не вели за ним пристального наблюдения
  8. Может, Катя была бы добрее к мужчине, будь он её родственником.

I hope, you managed to do these second conditional exercises. Now let’s check the answers.

Ответы ну упражнения на второй тип условных предложений:

Exercise 1.

  1. would send / were not
  2. wouldn’t / turned
  3. looked / would she
  4. was / wanted / would want / would get
  5. would / had
  6. could / increased
  7. were / would
  8. could / would be
  9. would look / were
  10. weren't / would be

Exercise 2.

  1. Might/ were
  2. Turned / would do
  3. would love / could
  4. would draw / had
  5. employed /would certainly be
  6. had not / would give
  7. could / would be
  8. were / would have
  9. Couldn't/ thought
  10. Could / liked

Exercise 3.

  1. correct
  2. Will ->would
  3. would have been circulated -> would be circulated
  4. remember -> remembered
  5. correct
  6. can be -> could be
  7. could have -> could
  8. correct
  9. should have ship -> should ship
  10. correct

Exercise 4.

1 – f, 2 – i, 3 – a, 4 – c, 5 – g, 6 – j, 7 – b, 8 – e, 9 – h, 10 – d.

Exercise 5.

  1. If I were an actor, I'd hate it.
  2. I should be very grateful, if you could give me a clean rag to bind my finger up.
  3. That would annoy Billy even more if Molly didn't cry.
  4. If I were in love with Greg, you would be the last person I’d ever tell.
  5. We would even have more chances if we were on an island.
  6. Anything might/could be sorted out if only people talked to one another.
  7. The killer would be even surprised, if the police didn’t keep careful note of him.
  8. Maybe Kate would be kinder to the man if she were his relative.

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  1. How could mother go on living with him if it were like this! Почему в данном предложении were, а не was?

  2. Я хочу узнать кто делает такие глупые задания для школьников?!??!? Такие задания мы ещё в начальной школе проходили.

  3. Подскажите пожалуйста, в чём разница между предложениями: « I wish it were summer» и «I wish it would summer», ведь оба переводятся как «Я хотел бы, чтобы было лето». Если оба предложения допустимы, то к какому типу условных предложений относится вариант с «would»?

    • Андрей, I wish it were summer (я хотел бы, чтобы СЕЙЧАС было лето)

      I wish it would BE summer in a month (я хотел бы, чтобы через месяц наступило лето)

      глагол would после I wish дает нам желаемое будущее.

      • То есть второй вариант с would не имеет отношения к условным предожениям второго типа?

        • Имеет отдаленное, но проще понять это правило, прочитав, как строятся предложения с I wish и if only

  4. А почему в упражнении 3 в предложении 2 в придаточной части должно быть would distribute

    разве не окончание ed?

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