Tag questions exercises. Упражнения на разделительные вопросы

Данная подборка упражнений поможет Вам закрепить тему разделительные вопросы в английском. Множество упражнений имеют разный уровень сложности. Первые Tag questions exercises будут оптимальными для учеников (5 класс или 6 класс). Упражнения под более поздними номерами требуют знаний особых ситуаций построения вопросов с хвостиком, и потому рассчитаны на старшеклассников и студентов.

Разделительные вопросы. Упражнения для 5 – 6 классов.

5 класс

Упражнение 1.  Add tags to make disjunctive questions.

1.      Tigers are dangerous animals.

2.      They have a wonderful garden.

3.      He bought an expensive TV-set.

4.      You have a terrible toothache.

5.      She has read an interesting book

6.      We gave all possible answers.

7.      I asked a foolish question

8.      It will be a useful exercise.

9.      His speech was boring.

A.      didn't I?

B.      haven't you?

C.      aren't they?

D.     haven't they?

E.      hasn't she?

F.       didn't we?

G.     didn't he?

H.     wasn't it?

I.        won't it?


 Упражнение 2. Допишите хвостик разделительного вопроса.

  1. They won't go to the party, ___________?
  2. This house is new, ___________?
  3. I'm your doctor, ___________?
  4. There is much snow there, ___________?
  5. There is no juice in the fridge, ___________?
  6. She never comes in time, ___________?
  7. They have got a new house, ___________?
  8. They had many tomatoes last summer, ___________?
  9. They had to buy a new desk, ___________?
  10. They had no time to discuss the problem, ___________?

Упражнение 3. You are talking to a friend. Ask him/her to agree with these statements. Use question tags.


Smoking is bad for you.

Smoking  is bad for you, isn't it?

  1. Money isn't everything.
  2. Computers are very useful.
  3. Some people watch too much TV
  4. People didn't have TV 100 years ago.
  5. Life was better 100 years ago.
  6. We can all make mistakes.
  7. Parents shouldn't hit their children.

6 класс.

Упражнение 4. Add tags to make disjunctive questions.


You went to see the doctor, didn't you?

  1. You were playing showballs after the lessons, ___________?
  2. You play snowballs every winter, ___________?
  3. They were doing their homework yesterday after supper, ___________?
  4. You did your homework after school, ___________?
  5. They entered the classroom after the teacher, ___________?
  6. She was writing a letter when you phoned, ___________?
  7. Bob was playing the piano when we came, ___________?

Упражнение 5. Допишите хвостик разделительного вопроса.

  1. The boy wasn't taken home, ___________?
  2. Our homework was not checked by the teacher, ___________?
  3. The new rules were explained to you, ___________?
  4. The words were not written on the blackboard, ___________?
  5. The English Channel was crossed by many swimmers, ___________?
  6. The street was named after M. Bagdanovich, ___________?
  7. You were born in 1982, ___________?
  8. This coffee wasn't grown in India, ___________?
  9. All the children were given presents, ___________?
  10. All the mistakes were noticed by the teacher, ___________?

Упражнение 6. Допишите хвостик разделительного вопроса

  1. There was something you wanted, ___________?
  2. There was nobody in the room, ___________?
  3. He has never been to Asia, ___________?
  4. You have had the computer for two years, ___________?
  5. They had a good time there, ___________?
  6. I am a great singer, ___________?
  7. They went to Alaska ten years ago, ___________?
  8. They want to go to Siberia, ___________?
  9. This is the Mississippi River, ___________?
  10. These are your photos, ___________?

Упражнение 7. Change the statements into disjunctive questions

Example: He likes to read funny stories.

He likes to read funny stories, doesn't he?

He is not always patient.

He is not always patient, is he?

  1. You study English.
  2. They are discussing a new topic now.
  3. He went for a walk in the valley an hour ago.
  4. I was learning a poem when he came.
  5. Maize is not grown in this part of the country.
  6. You were not sure in his success.
  7. They have studied at this school for 7 years.
  8. We shan't write a dictation tomorrow
  9. We are given homework every day.
  10. This rule was explained to us yesterday.

Упражнение 8.  You are interviewing Molly.  Complete the conversation.

You: Molly. You've always wanted to be an actress, haven't you?

Molly: Yes. I have.

You: You started acting when you were a small child, ___________?

(Molly: Yes. I appeared on stage for the first time when I was only four.

You: You're Canadian, ___________?

Molly: Yes, I am.

You: You were born in Toronto, ___________?

Molly: That's right.

You: But you didn't go to acting school in Canada, _____________?

Molly: No, I studied acting in New York.

You: You were there for two years, _____________?

Molly: That's right.

You: You live in London now, ______________?

Molly: Yes, I do.

You: And you're married, _________________?

Molly: Yes, I am.

You: Your husband isn't Canadian, ____________________?

Molly: No, he isn't. He's English.

You: And you've got two children, ___________________?

Molly: Yes, we have. A boy and a girl.

Tag questions упражнения для старшеклассников и студентов.

Упражнение 9.  Добавьте хвостик разделительного вопроса.

  1. I'm older than she, ___________?
  2. He has a sister, ___________?
  3. Sally can't speak Chinese, ___________?
  4. Let me call you, ___________?
  5. Tell us about yourself, ___________?
  6. That was an unusual stone, ___________?
  7. She hates onion, ___________?
  8. Dan arrived two hours ago, ___________?
  9. There weren't many students in the hall, ___________?
  10. The Greens have been invited too, ___________?
  11. Don't leave without me, ___________?
  12. Let's watch this film, ___________?
  13. Nothing special happened that day, ___________?
  14. Our parents are leaving for Grodno tomorrow, ___________?
  15. He will pick you up at 4 o'clock, ___________?
  16. This is not her car, ___________?
  17. I'm not dressed as smartly as she is, ___________?
  18. Everyone was shocked by his behaviour, ___________?
  19. Emilie has a shower four times a week, ___________?
  20. She used to fight with her brother, ___________?

Упражнение 10. Добавьте хвостик разделительного вопроса.

  1. There is enough food here for everyone, ___________?
  2. Remember to turn off the cooker, ___________?
  3. Our President is going to visit Vatican, ___________?
  4. Nobody knows about this, ___________?
  5. I'm making you feel uncomfortable, ___________?
  6. Bred should be here by now, ___________?
  7. If you borrow my jeans, don't get them dirty, ___________?
  8. Let's go because it is getting dark, ___________?
  9. Get me some chewing gum when you go to the shop, ___________?
  10. There is not really much time left, ___________?
  11. Charlie usually has a rest after lunch, ___________?
  12. Everything was done perfectly, ___________?
  13. They won't be happy, ___________?
  14. The Stones bought this car last year, ___________?
  15. Don't repeat what I told you, ___________?
  16. She hadn't been told about it, ___________?
  17. There were a lot of cars in the street, ___________?
  18. We have to work harder, ___________?
  19. She needs to be there, ___________?
  20. I needn't come, ___________?

 Надеюсь, Вы сочли эти tag questions упражнения полезными.

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  1. а где ответы для самопроверки?

  2. Здравствуйте. Спасибо за подробно изложенный материал и упражнения!

    Единственное, хотелось уточнить: в 1-ом упражнении, во 2 и 4 предложении — окончание вопросов будет звучать как «don't they» и «don't you». Объясните, пожалуйста, почему предложены варианты «haven't they» и «haven't you» ?

    Ведь в данном случае глагол «have» выступает как смысловой

    • Как мне казалось, в таком контексте, можно использовать и don't they и haven't they. Я бы тоже отдала предпочтение варианту с don't, но задание брала из практической грамматики довольно хорошего издания, решила не трогать...

  3. Елена Шувалова | 24.04.2019 в 18:48 | Ответить

    Показался интересным вопрос про «don't they» и «haven't they». Я специально когда-то давно задавала этот вопрос носителю языка (высшее образование, большой стаж преподавания английского языка): как предпочтительнее, правильнее задавать вопросы с have:

    Have you got a brother?

    Have you a brother?

    Do you have a brother?

    Он ответил, что все три варианта нормальные, употребимые, как удобно, так и говорите.

    Так что, действительно, в данном случае возможно оба варианта вопросов.

    К тому же. мы знаем, что have — сильный глагол, поэтому он сам может образовывать вопрос и отрицание.

  4. Глагол have может выступать в роли сильного только и исключительно в Perfect. Если мы говорим о грамматике — других вариантов нет.

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