Упражнения на Complex Object

Complex object упражнения

Перед вами – подборка упражнений на Complex Object (сложное дополнение) в английском языке. Перед выполнением упражнений обязательно повторите теорию. Правило употребления Complex Object вы найдете здесь.

Complex Object Exercises.

Упражнение 1. Complete the following sentences using the infinitive with or without to.

  1. The teacher asked us ________ (listen) to his explanations.
  2. He made the students _____________ (write) the composition.
  3. The teacher let us ____________ (use) the dictionaries.
  4. The teacher noticed me ____________ (open) my dictionary several times.
  5. I made myself ____________ ( write) as neatly as I could.
  6. The teacher watched us _____________ (work) and didn’t say anything.

Упражнение 2. Open the brackets and use the Complex Object.

  1. Do you want (they / stay) at the hotel?
  2. I would like (the professor / look through) my report.
  3. We considered (he /be) an honest person.
  4. I would like (the dress / buy) by Sunday.
  5. He doesn’t want (they / be late) for dinner.

Упражнение 3. Combine the sentences using the Complex Object.


I felt something hard. It hurt my leg. -> I felt something hard hurt my leg.

I saw Mike. He was entering the house. -> I saw Mike entering the house. 

  1. They didn’t notice us. We passed by.
  2. Mike heard Sam. She was playing the violin.
  3. I felt her hand. It was shaking.
  4. I heard them. They were arguing.
  5. We many times heard him. He told this story.

Упражнение 4. Fill in the correct form of the Infinitive to make Complex Object.

  1. Our teacher made us _______ (do) this exercise all over again.
  2. The teacher advised us _______ (rewrite) the test.
  3. Please, let me _______ (know) when your sister returns from Paris.
  4. I find your story _______ (be) very unusual and interesting.
  5. Nick doesn’t want me _______ (tell) everybody this news.
  6. I watched the cat _______ (crawl) to the flock of sparrows.
  7. I would like you _______ (be) very accurate and attentive.

Упражнение 5. Choose the correct ending of the sentences.

  • The doctor wanted the patient …
  1. to be examined
  2. to examine
  3. examined
  4. being examined
  • Noone expected him … to the party.
  1. coming
  2. come
  3. came
  4. to come
  • I saw him … round the corner and …
  1. Turn / disappear
  2. To turn / to disappear
  3. Turned / disappeared
  • I want his article … in November.
  1. published
  2. be published
  3. to be published
  4. publishing
  • We didn’t want her speech ….
  1. to be interrupted
  2. to interrupt
  3. interrupted

Упражнение 6. Translate the sentences using Complex Object.

  1. Я бы хотел, чтобы вы доставили товары к концу месяца.
  2. Вы сегодня услышите, как она поет.
  3. Я не ожидал, что Майк – такой невежливый.
  4. Я слышал, что его имя упоминали на собрании.
  5. Он не заметил, как мы подошли к нему.
  6. Я бы хотел, чтобы никто не брал мои вещи.

Ответы к упражнениям на Complex Object.

Exercise 1.

  1. to listen, 2 write, 3 use, 4 open, 5 write, 6 work / working

 Exercise 2.

  1. Do you want them to stay at the hotel?
  2. I would like the professor to look through my report.
  3. We considered him to be an honest person.
  4. I would like the dress to be bought by Sunday.
  5. He doesn’t want them to be late for dinner.

Exercise 3.

  1. They didn’t notice us pass by.
  2. Mike heard Sam playing the violin.
  3. I felt her hand shaking.
  4. I heard them arguing.
  5. We many times heard him tell this story.

Exercise 4.

1 do, 2 to rewrite; 3 know; 4 to be; 5 to tell; 6  crawl; 7 to be

Exercise 5

1-a, 2-d, 3-a, 4-c, 5-a

Exercise 6. Варианты перевода.

1) I would like you to deliver the goods by the end of the month.

2) You will hear her sing / singing today.

3) I did not expect Mike to be so impolite.

4) I heard his name be mentioned at the meeting.

5) He did not notice us approach / approaching him.

6) I would like my belongings not to be taken.

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