Модальный глагол may: упражнения с ответами

may упражнения

Сегодня мы отработаем употребление еще одного модального глаголаmay. В первых упражнениях мы не столкнемся с особыми трудностями, так как они касаются первичного значения may – а именно, разрешения. Эти упражнения подойдут для детей. В последующих мы обратим внимание на употреблении may / might для выражения вероятности. Вы сможете проверить свою работу, сверившись с ответами.

Модальный глагол May – упражнения.

Упражнение 1. Употребите may вместо allow. Перепишите упражнения по образцу.

Will you allow my baby to use your pen?

May my baby use your pen?

  1. Will you allow Jennifer to borrow your dictionary?
  2. Will you allow Nick to leave, please?
  3. Will Sally allow Greg to look at her summer photographs?
  4. Will the teacher allow students to ask questions during the test?
  5. Will you allow the cats to come into the house in rain?


May might exercises.

Упражнение 2. Обведите правильный вариант употребления may / might.

  1. This CD is very expensive. Oh dear, I may / may not have enough money!
  2. Jane's tired. She might not / might go out tonight.
  3. Pete is very clever. He may not / may know the answer.
  4. I feel ill. I might / might not go to school tomorrow.
  5. Look at those clouds! I think it may / may not rain.
  6. I'm not hungry. I might / might not have any lunch.
  7. If the bus is late, we may / may not be late.

Упражнение 3. Перефразируйте с использованием may/might.

  1. Everybody is allowed to make one photocopy of this document, but only for personal use.
  2. Perhaps, Greg needs to take Melody to hospital.
  3. It is possible that Melody has broken her leg.
  4. Perhaps, Sally didn’t have Michaels phone number.
  5. Little Nicky was allowed to stay up late to watch the World Cup.
  6. Maybe, the Police did not understand the urgency of the problem.
  7. Would you mind my eating in the living-room?
  8. Perhaps Sandy is late, but I am not sure as she very punctual.

Упражнение 4. Use may / might / may not/might not.

  1. Sally isn't feeling very well. Sally (not go) _________ to school tomorrow.
  2. It's my aunt's birthday, so we _________ (buy) her a new CD.
  3. Paul doesn't study very much. He _________ (not pass) his exams.
  4. Sarah and Tom _________ (not come) to the beach with us this weekend.
  5. My sister is going to London for a week. I _________ (lend) her my new camera.
  6. I’m really tired, so I_________ (not go) to the party tonight.
  7. My cousin is starting at your school next term. You_________ (be) in the same class!
  8. Jack's going away tomorrow, and we_________ (not see) him before he goes.

Упражнение 5 .Make a sentence with the same meaning. Use the word in brackets.

  1. Perhaps it will snow tomorrow, (might)
  2. Perhaps a friend will visit me next weekend. (may)
  3. Perhaps Sam will buy a new computer. (may)
  4. Perhaps I will change my job next year, (might)
  5. Perhaps I won't go to work tomorrow, (might)
  6. Perhaps the children won't have a holiday next summer. (may)

Упражнение 6. Translate the sentences. Используйте may / might.

  1. Возможно, Вы встретите Салли на станции.
  2. Вероятно, Алексей оставил вам вчера записку.
  3. Катя, вероятно, забыла зонт дома и поэтому промокла.
  4. Мелоди, возможно, поймет все, когда повзрослеет.
  5. Может быть, дверь не заперта.

Ответы к упражнениям may / might.

Exercise 1.

1 May Jennifer borrow your dictionary?

  1. May Nick leave, please?
  2. My Greg look at Sally’s summer photographs?
  3. May students ask the teacher questions during the test?
  4. May the cats come into the house in rain?

Exercise 2.

1 May not, 2 might not, 3 may, 4 might not, 5 may, 6 might not, 7 may

Exercise 3.

  1. Everybody may make one photocopy of this document, but only for personal use.
  2. Greg may take Melody to hospital.
  3. Melody may / might have broken her leg.
  4. Sally mayn’t / mightn’t have had Michael’s phone number.
  5. Little Nicky might stay up late to watch the World Cup.
  6. The Police mayn’t / mightn’t have understood the urgency of the problem.
  7. May I eat in the living-room?
  8. Sandy may / might be late, but I am not sure as she very punctual.

Exercise 4.

1 Might not, 2 may, 3 mightn’t, 4 may not, 5 may / might, 6 mightn’t, 7 might be, 8 may not / mightn’t

Здесь возможны варианты.

Exercise 5.

  1. It might snow tomorrow.
  2. A friend may visit me next weekend.
  3. Sam may buy a new computer.
  4. I might change my job next year.
  5. I mightn’t go to work tomorrow.
  6. The children may not have a holiday next summer.

Exercise 6.

Возможные варианты:

  1. You might meet Sally at the station.
  2. Alexey might have left a note for you yesterday.
  3. Kate may have forgotten to take her umbrella and she’s got wet.
  4. Melody might understand everything when she grows up.
  5. The door may be open.

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