Модальный глагол must. Упражнения с ответами

упражнения на модальный глагол must

Сегодня мы потренируем использование must – одного из модальных глаголов. Я предлагаю весьма разнообразные упражнения на глагол must, которые будут полезны и для детей, и для преуспевающих студентов.

Начнем по традиции с самых простых Must exercises, которые подойдут учащимся 3-5 классов. Затем перейдем к более сложным упражнениям, где отработаем использование модального глагола must для выражения большой вероятности.

Далее обратим внимание на возможные формы инфинитива после must – а это уже будет полезно для старшеклассников и даже для студентов. Практически все упражнения даны с ответами. Начнем!

Глагол must. Упражнения для детей.

Упражнение 1. Составьте предложения с mustn’t.

1.       In the street...

2.       In the park

3.       At the zoo

4.       In the library

a)      ... you mustn't feed animals

b)      ... you mustn't play football.

c)       ... you mustn't break trees.

d)      ... you mustn't be very noisy.

Упражнение 2. Write in must or mustn't

  1. Stop watching TV. You_______ do your homework.
  2. I_______brush my teeth.
  3. Your shoes are dirty. You _______clean them.
  4. You _______drop litter in the streets.
  5. I _______tidy my room.
  6. You _______play on the road.


Упражнение 3. Write what you must or mustn't do when you travel.

  1. You _________ drink dirty water.
  2. You_________ be careful when you travel.
  3. You _________ always wash fruit and vegetables.
  4. You_________ play on the road.
  5. You_________ throw litter.
  6. You_________ listen to your parents.

Упражнение 4.  Напишите в Past Indefinite.

  1. Greg must put on his red cap.
  2. Greg must make his bed.
  3. Greg must stay in bed.
  4. Sally must cook lunch.
  5. Jenny must learn the words
  6. Liz must go there.
  7. Liz and Greg must stop.
  8. Liz and Greg must work hard.

Упражнение 5. Complete the dialogue with must/mustn’t.

Tom: Mum, I don't want to go to school.

Mother: But you (1) _______ Tom: The pupils don't love me.

Mother: Well, you (2) _______ shout at them. You (3) _______ be polite and friendly.

Tom: They (4) _______ use their mobiles but they do. They (5) _______be late for school but they are.

Mother: You (6) _______  be so angry. Try speaking to them.

Tom: That won't help. I think I have a running nose ... Mother: Oh, no, come on, Tom. Shame on you! You are OK. You (7) _______  go to school. You're a teacher.

Упражнение 6. Составьте 6 предложений.









with matches.

your vegetables.

your homework.

to sleep.

my camera.

the baby.


Упражнение 7. Make sentences from В to go with the sentences in A. Use must ox musn’t.

1)      You're ill.

2)      Jill’s very thirsty.

3)      That dog is dangerous.

4)      Steven’s glasses are broken.

5)      It's Jill's birthday soon.

6)      Jill's room is in a mess.

7)      Monica’s late for work.

8)      Be quiet.

9)      Jillian’s very tired.

10)   We're having a party on Saturday.

A.      Girls | go | near it.

B.      go | to the optician's.

C.      You | come.

D.      she |hurry.

E.       She| go | to bed.

F.       We | make| any noise.

G.     You | see | the doctor.

H.      Jill |have | a drink.

I.        Jill | tidy |it.

J.        Friends | forget | to send him a card.

Пример: 1-G – You must see the doctor.

Must exercises. Формы инфинитива после must.

Упражнение 8. Вставьте Must+ подходящая форма инфинитива.

  1. Sally’s Norwegian is very good, she _________ (study) very hard when she was in Norway.
  2. Samuel____________ (take) a bath at that moment.
  3. Irene ________ (be) at home now.
  4. Sally knows her relatives are coming. They _______ to her of their arrival in due time.
  5. Lukas ________ (play) the violin now.
  6. The stranger ___________ (understand) me, as he nodded his head.
  7. We ____________ (meet) somewhere before.
  8. Alex saw an old man sleeping soundly on the bench. A shower was falling, he_______ (to get) wet to the skin.
  9. Meredith _______ (be) ill or she would have come.
  10. Lila turned pale. She_________ (get) frightened.

Упражнения на глагол must для выражения вероятности.

Упражнение 9. Переведите, используйте must в каждом предложении.

  1. Должно быть, Грег даже не слышал об этом.
  2. Вероятно, этот дом построен давно.
  3. По-видимому, ученики сейчас сдают тест.
  4. Не обижайся, Льюис сказал это случайно.
  5. Вероятно, Молли дала мне неверный адрес.
  6. Девочки, по-видимому, забыли полить огород, и мама была недовольна.
  7. Тетя Поли, вероятно, ждет нас на станции.

Модальный глагол must упражнения. Ответы.

Exercise 1. 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d

Exercise 2.

1 – 3, 5 must

4, 6 — mustn’t

Exercise 3.

1, 4, 5 – mustn’t

2, 3, 6 – must

Exercise 4.

  1. Greg had to put on his red cap.
  2. Greg had to make his bed.
  3. Greg had to stay in bed.
  4. Sally had to cook lunch.
  5. Jenny had to learn the words
  6. Liz had to go there.
  7. Liz and Greg had to stop.
  8. Liz and Greg had to work hard.

Exercise 5.

1, 3, 7 – must

2, 4, 5, 6 – mustn’t

Exercise 6.  Возможны различные варианты.

Exercise 7.  

2-H – Jill must have a drink.

3-A – Girls mustn’t go near it.

4-B – He must go to the optician's.

5-J – Friends mustn’t forget to send him a card.

6-I – Jill must tidy it.

7-D – She must hurry.

8-F – We mustn’t make any noise.

9- D – She must go to bed.

10-C – You must come.

Exercise 8.  

  1. must have studied.
  2. must have been taking
  3. must be
  4. must have written
  5. must be playing
  6. must have understood
  7. must have met
  8. Must have got
  9. Must have been
  10. Must have got

Exercise 9.

  1. Greg mustn’t have even heard about it.
  2. This house must have been built long ago.
  3. The students must be having a test now.
  4. No offense, Lewis must have said it by accident.
  5. Molly must have given gave me the wrong address.
  6. Girls must have forgotten to water the garden, and their mom was not happy.
  7. Aunt Polly must be waiting waiting for us at the station.

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