Словообразование в английском языке. Задания для ЕГЭ

словообразование на егэ

Как известно, Задания 26 – 31 на ЕГЭ – это упражнения на словообразование. Как показывает практика, очень многие считают эти задания едва ли не самыми сложными во всем ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Однако, за каждый из 6 правильных ответов вы можете получить 1 балл, а 6 баллов – это не мало, согласитесь. Поэтому сегодня мы решили обратить внимание именно на словообразование в ЕГЭ и подготовили для вас упражнения для подготовки.

Также в конце статьи вы найдете несколько полезных советов для подготовки к этой части ЕГЭ.

ВАЖНО: на сайте также есть материал, призванный помочь в подготовке к устной части ЕГЭ.

Упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ (словообразование).

Вы получите балл за каждый правильный ответ.

УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 1. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal

The Kiev Prince Vladimir Monomach founded the ancient city of Vladimir in 1108 by. The city contains an important group of monuments. The Cathedral of the Assumption was intended to be the (1) ______________ center of all Russia.


It was built in the town Kremlin as a single-domed structure with the faсade (2) __________ for its carved reliefs.


Most of the 12th-century frescoes were destroyed by Mongols, but new mural (3) ____________ were added in 1408 by Andrei Rublev and Daniil Chemii, in particular the famous Last Judgment.


Suzdal, which lies some 25 km north of Vladimir, was the site of a (4) ____________ in the 9th and 10th centuries, which became a fortress. A posad, which was housing craftsmen and shopkeepers, developed around it.


Within, dominating the whole town stands the Cathedral of the Nativity with

its five-domed top and Golden Doors. The interior (5) ________________ is important in Russian art.


The buildings in Vladimir and Suzdal have been the center of (6) _____________ tourism for several decades and a good deal of restoration has been carried out.



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 2. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

Transport in Bangkok

Bangkok is known as the “Venice of the East”. Today, many of the canals have been filled in and paved over to make room for roads, but a massive network of waterways still crosses the city. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Bangkok experienced (1) ____________ influence.


As a result, the city (2) ____________ shifted to a road-based transport system.


Over the last decade, Bangkok has evolved from a humid riverside city into a modern, rapidly growing Asian (3) ___________ center. Business travelers will appreciate the city’s growth in public transportation and its world-class airport


The Suvamabhumi Airport, which is located 25km east of the city center, contributed greatly to Bangkok’s (4) _____________.


A modern, convenient elevated rail link connects the airport to the city in 30 minutes, helping (5) ________ avoid traffic jams.


The city’s modern public transportation system is a (6) __________ of sky trains and underground subways. It has transformed the bustling city center into a futuristic district of street-level roads, elevated roads and sky trains.



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 3. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

Cyber communication.

The development of cyber communication — email, text messaging, and social networking — has revolutionized the way we communicate. Quick and ______________ communication via the Internet has proved essential to

national governments, and to the individual.


Now, we can send and receive important messages, communicate and clarify statements ____________ within seconds.


Cyber communication is very important in _______________


On a more individual level, cyber communication has transformed the method in which people communicate. In particular, social networking sites have provided access to people in every corner of the globe and their ______________ is growing.


This has helped old friends living far apart to maintain a close ______________


For many people, not just teens, social networking has become an alternative to __________ forms of communication — writing a letter, a face-to-face conversation, or a phone call.



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 4. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

The history of paper

Writing has been the center of civilization for centuries. Most of our important records are on paper. In fact, putting thoughts down in written form wasn't always easy or ______________


Early people discovered that they could make simple ___________ the walls of caves.


__________________ , they couldn’t transport it.


Around 4000 B.C., people started scratching messages into heavy clay tablets.

Although this form of written _____________ was now portable, it still

was very heavy.


For centuries, people tried to discover better surfaces on which to record their

thoughts. Almost everything _______________ was tried. Wood, stone,

ceramics, cloth, bark, metal, silk, bamboo, and tree leaves were all used as a writing surface at one time or another.


No major changes in writing materials were to come for about 3,000 years. A Chinese man named Ts'ai Lun Ts'ai Lun, discovered a way to make paper. The importance of this _____________ is hard to overestimate.



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 5. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

History of fashion.

Different events in history influence how people dressed during those times. For example, during World War II people used the minimum amount of clothing materials to make simple outfits. They were ________ enough for wartime duties.


The profession of _________________ was not popular at the time.


Sometimes social and political changes affect how people dress. For instance, in the 1980s the idea was that you could become as_________ as you believed yourself to be. Therefore, many people “dressed for success”. Many men and women wore suits that would help them move up the career ladder.


Present-day fashion for men is still ____________ . Usually a dark-colored suit is worn with a white shirt and a tie.


Some fashions are classic, meaning that they never go out of style. However, other clothing items are______________ for a short season only.


Sometimes the ____________ of a particular outfit depends upon one person — a film star or a pop-singer.



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 6. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

Russia at the 2012 London Olympics

There are different opinions as to the results of the Russian team at the London Olympics. In medal-winning terms, Russia's 2012  ____________ is better than that at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, improving from 23 gold medals to 24 and up from a total of 73 medals to 82.


But the British were more _________ with 29 gold medals, moving Russia into the fourth place.


The reaction in Russia during the first days of the Olympics was largely __________, but then changed as more and more medals were won.


Yet, we have to admit that in some ways our sportsmen were _____________. For example, there were no gold medals in weightlifting this time, though we usually had had a number of them at the Olympics.


Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, explains China’s success in the following way: “They have actually copied the Soviet system of children's _______________.


He adds: «It is rather difficult for us to return to the Soviet system now and, besides, I doubt whether it is ______________ in this day and age»



УПРАЖНЕНИЕ 7. Образуйте подходящее по смыслу однокоренное слово.

Understanding poetry

Poetry is a language used to form patterns of sound and thought into work of art. Good poems often seem to suggest more than they say, and complete understanding of the poem often depends upon the sensitivity and ____________ of the reader.


Reading poetry in English can be especially ______________ to speakers of other languages because it requires them to think in English.


It also requires them to consider the subtle __________ and connotations of words.


To understand the poem is to understand its images. An image is a detailed ___________ that appeals to the senses.


It is like a picture drawn with words and like words, it can have ______                 meanings.


These images often do more than describe a scene or experience — they try to create an experience for the reader. Poems speak to us in many ways. Poems say to us something that cannot be _________ expressed in any direct or literal way.


Ответы к упражнениям для подготовки к ЕГЭ.

УПР. 1

Religious, remarkable, paintings, settlement, decoration, cultural

УПР. 2

European, slowly, commercial, development, visitors, combination

УПР. 3

Successful, practically, business, popularity, relationship, traditional

УПР. 4

Practical, drawings, unfortunately, communication, imaginable, invention

УПР. 5

Practically, designer, successful, conservative, fashionable, popularity

УПР. 6

Performance, successful, negative, unlucky, training, reasonable

УПР. 7

Imagination, helpful, meanings, description, various, fully

Советы по подготовке к ЕГЭ – словообразование.

Выполняя задания на словообразование в ЕГЭ, ученик фактически сталкивается с двумя проблемами:

  • Необходимо образовать однокоренное слово
  • Необходимо поставить получившееся слова в нужную по контексту грамматическую форму.

Например, если в результате словообразования получается существительное, то необходимо проверить, нет ли необходимости поставить его в форму множественного числа, если глагол – нужно подумать, не нужно ли окончание -s или -ed.

Поэтому, всякий раз, вставляя существительное или глагол, подумайте о форме.

ВАЖНО: очень часто готовясь к словообразованию в ЕГЭ, ученики забывают повторить отрицательные приставки, однако, подобные задания очень часто встречаются, а потому мы рекомендуем вам также следующую статью:

Отрицательные приставки в английском языке. Теория и упражнения

При работе с экзаменационным заданием вначале определите часть речи исходного слова и необходимую часть речи для пропуска. Сделать это можно в опоре на знание словообразовательных элементов и базовой лексики в принципе, с одной стороны, и знание простейшего синтаксиса английского предложения, с другой стороны. Так, например, в позиции между артиклем и существительным может находиться прилагательное.

Если исходное слово и пропущенное слово принадлежат к одной и той же части речи, что является частым случаем для имени прилагательного, учащимся следует подбирать соответствующую отрицательную приставку.

За каждый правильный ответ экзаменуемый получает один балл, т.е. максимум за полностью верное выполнение заданий на контроль лексико-грамматических (словообразовательных) навыков составляет 6 баллов.

Вероятно, вам также будет полезна статья Словообразование в английском —  упражнения с ответами

Понравилось? Сохраните на будущее и поделитесь с друзьями!

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