Упражнения на модальный глагол have to

have to упражнения

Продолжаем наш марафон упражнений на модальные глаголы, который мы начали с упражнений на can, may и must. Сегодня пришла очередь модальной конструкции have to. Обязательно повторите правила использования have to и мы начнем. Сперва предлагаю простые упражнения на have to для детей, затем – более сложные для 6, 7, 8 классов. Большинство упражнений - с ответами для самоконтроля.

Have to exercises.

Упражнение 1.  Вставьте have to или don’t have to.

1. Shop assistants  

2. Doctors  

3. Architects .

4. Businessmen   

5. Pilots

6. Teachers  

7 Diplomats

8. Secretaries  

9. Bus drivers

10. Bankers   

____________know Italian.

____________ work with people,

____________ work at night.

____________ think much.

____________wear uniform.


____________know English.

____________ get up early.

____________write letters.

____________ count money


Упражнение 2. Вставьте одну из форм have to.

A) have to B) has to  C) do ... have to  D) does ... have to    E) don’t have to   F) did … have to G) doesn’t have to

  1. Why ______ he _________ stay after classes? Mrs. Green, our teacher, gave him lines.
  2. Eton is a highly strict school. Students there__________ wear their uniform.
  3. ______ you ________ learn the poem by heart? — No, I have already learned it,
  4. You ________ buy bread. Mum has already bought it.
  5. Jimmy ________ get up early. It’s holiday-time.
  6. Tom ______ take his PE kit to school on Monday and Tuesday. He has PE lessons on these days.
  7. _______ we _______ walk to school? — No, let’s take a bus.
  8. Sally has no pen. She _______ ask somebody for a pen.
  9. Nelly is studying literature. She _______ read a lot of books.

Упражнение 3. Напишите, что им приходится (пришлось/придется) делать. Употребите have to в нужной форме.

  1. She _______ (приходится) buy some food.
  2. She _______ ( пришлось) buy some food.
  3. She __________ (придется) buy some food.
  4. Peter and Tom_______ (придется) work hard.
  5. Peter and Tom ________ (пришлось) work hard.
  6. Peter and Tom _______ (приходится) work hard.

Упражнение 4. Use the correct form of have to.

  1. You_________  (not run). You won't miss the bus.
  2. Pete's eyes are very bad, and he _________ (wear) glasses.
  3. School starts at eight o'clock, so we_________  (get) up early.
  4. My friend gave me some tickets for the concert, so I_________ (not pay)!
  5. We _________ (study) maths at school, because it's compulsory.
  6. She's got lots of time. She_________ (not hurry).
  7. We ______ (not take) any exams at the end of this term.
  8. My mum sometimes _________ (work) at weekends.

Упражнение 5.  Complete the sentences about the law in your country.

a) In my country

  1. Children ______ start school when they are five.
  2. Everyone ______ stay at school until sixteen.
  3. Men  ______ do military service.
  4. You ______ be sixteen to get married.
  5. You ______ have your parents permission to get married before you are eighteen.
  6. You ______ be eighteen to vote.
  7. Not everyone with a job ______ pay taxes.
  8. You ______ have a license for a TV.

b) Ask someone about his or her country. Complete the questions.

  1. How old ____ you______ be to drive?
  2. ____ you______  have a license to drive?
  3. How old____ you______ be to ride a motorbike?
  4. ____ you______ wear a crash helmet on a motorbike?
  5. ____ you______ have a license to ride a bicycle?
  6. How old____ you______ be to get  a job?
  7. ____ you______ have an identity card?

Ответы к упражнениям.

Exercise 1.

1 don’t have to, 2 have to, 3 don’t have to, 4 have to, 5 have to, 6 don’t have to, 7 have to, 8 have to, 9 don’t have to, 10 have to

Exercise 2.

1 F, 2 A, 3 C, 4 E, 5 G, 6 B, 7 С, 8 B, 9 B

Exercise 3.

1 has to, 2 had to, 3 will have to, 4 will have to, 5 had to, 6 have to

Exercise 4.

1 don’t have to run, 2 has to wear, 3 have to get, 4 didn’t have to pay, 5 don’t have to, 6 doesn’t have to hurry, 7 don’t / won’t have to take, 8 has to work

Exercise 5. А – Ваши собственные ответы.

В – do …. have to во всех вопросах

Надеюсь, упражнения на have to оказались Вам полезными.

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